Sunday, 05 April 2020

Trump takes advice from Rihanna

​Donald Trump was apparently so moved by a Twitter post about Rihanna that he actually liked it – even before Catchupnews did. It's the first post he ever liked, and the exceptional occurrence is even more amplified by the fact that the post he liked is Rihanna's quote about making time for yourself and taking care of your mental health, for the sa...
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What's Trump actually holding?

​American President Trump waved a curious piece of paper in front of reporters, stating it's a secretive document about illegal immigration, the one that will finally resolve the burdening situation on the Mexican border. However, Catchupnews has some theories about the contents of the paper Trump is holding up: - It's a  bill for gas consumpt...
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Queen wearing prophylactic tiara during POTUS visit

​The Trump family excursion to Britain has come to an end. However, an Oxford cellar scholar pointed out to Catchupnews some interesting facts about Queen Elisabeth's tiara choice. The Burmese Ruby Tiara allegedly possesses special powers that guard the one who's wearing it from bad spirits, giant babies, contagious orangeness, and evil in general....
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Google malfunction connected to Trump's exuberant tweeting from Buckingham Palace

​Google and services relying on its technology have been prone to errors and malfunction in the last couple of days, Catchupnews reporters noticed the issue all around the globe. Google now claims it was caused by high levels of network congestion. Some sources believe it was all due to Trump's enthusiastic tweeting during the Buckingham Palace abu...
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He threatened to call Trump because of an ice-cream


For some people, Donald Trump is an ultimate superhero who will help everyone who is mistreated. Or so they seem to believe. This guy got angry because his ice-cream cone wasn't big enough by his standards. He threatened to call Trump on the ice-cream maker. Ice-cream maker laughed and said: "I look forward to hearing from him. You have a wonderful...
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Trump baby balloon to become art piece at museum

​Trump's state and all-inclusive family visit to Britain is taking a rather unexpected turn. The Museum of London just announced its plans to make an acquisition of Trump Baby blimp giant balloon doll in honour of the presidential visit. Catchupnews was told by reliable museum bookworms that baby doll symbolizes Trump's genuine desire for new begin...
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Trump will visit Britain with all of his kids

​American president Donald Trump will make a state visit to the UK next month, and he plans to take all of his children with him. Catchupnews was told by a reliable White House staffer that Trumps are excited to meet the real queen and be in a real palace instead of Trump Tower. The source also added that the president was a bit reluctant to leave ...
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Melania Trump’s press conference themed birthday party

​Melania Trump just celebrated yet another birthday in the White House, and for this year's theme chose a funny and familiar setting – a press conference. Catchupnews learns that she made her friends dress as journalists and photographers. Their main focus was on the birthday girl this time, and not on the quirky old man posing as her husband.

Trump warns there's no more room in America

American president Donald Trump paid a visit to the US-Mexico border and called for an emergent action of closing the southern border, for there's no more room in America. Sources close to the president opened up to Catchupnews that the idea came to Trump while he was playing the Musical Chairs game – suddenly there was no chairs for all of the par...
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Trump – world’s worst cheat at golf

A Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly wrote a book about President's Trump golf playing habit – and Trump probably won't like it, Catchupnews reveals. Reilly describes Trump as the world's worst cheat at golf, and many famous people have already backed Reilly's claims – Samuel L. Jackson, Alice Cooper and Oscar de la Hoya have also witnessed T...
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