Saturday, 29 February 2020

Costume for Halloween.

Costume for Halloween.

I will call u back!

I will call u back!

​Violently shaking sex toys


The flight attendants thought a toothbrush went off in this older lady's carry on. It shook the overheard compartment so much that they had to ask her to turn it off. From her bag came out three large sex toys. She stood in the middle of the aisle, trying to figure out how to turn them off. Next to her sat a family with young children with matching...
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National Express releases images of stowaways and hoboes

14707392-7134335-image-a-86_1560366337694, by Chris Rose
​Nation Express launched a campaign in order to get rid of hoboes and stowaways, and released photos of the persons involved in those kinds of misdemeanour, Catchupnews learned at the Bureau of the Lost. The National Express' mug shots show the offenders' faces and describe their previous occupation, so their families could recognize them and take ...
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I won't enjoy!

I won't enjoy!
Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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