Sunday, 05 April 2020

​She threw up at her own wedding


Usually throwing up doesn't start until the wedding party is well on and everyone has had a bit too much to drink. In this case, it went differently. The bride was super nervous. She felt sick while walking on the aisle. Her friends and relatives comforted her saying it's normal to be nervous, and it all will be fine. But it was only going wor...
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​She accidentally licked dentist's fingers


This patient got nervous when she accidentally made a sexual joke. After the dentist remark that they were strangers she replied: "Oh, you're not a stranger, you've been inside my mouth for 20 minutes". Dentist's face turned red. Next time the patient decided not to say anything weird. But the dentist's face still turned red. Turned out she was abs...
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​Jameela Jamil broke a toilet before the audition


Just before her audition, Jameela Jamil had to take a nervous poo. But when she wanted to flush it the flush came off. She wanted to climb out of the window or pick the excrement out with her bare hands. Luckily she noticed a piece of metal sticking out of the side of the toilet. She used the piece to activate the toilet, flushed the waste and save...
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