Leaked photo of NASA taking the Sun down for maintenance.

Leaked photo of NASA taking the Sun down for maintenance.

NASA dream job offer

​The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is offering a dream position – to rest, sleep, eat, watch telly, and read for two months, and get well paid, Catchupnews reports from NASA headquarters. They want to observe the effects of artificial gravity on the human body and behaviour, and in order to do so, the right candidate will have to li...
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Twin paradox facts finally revealed

Robert Markowitz/JSC/NASA
​The NASA scientists may have resolved a puzzle involving identical twins and their different ageing process – the one in space should allegedly age slower than the one on Earth. In the case of astronaut Scott Kelly and his brother Mark, Scotts' telomeres were lengthened, and his cells were more youthful in space but began to deteriorate as he came...
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​£14 000 for staying in bed for two months

Like to stay in bed all day and get paid at the same time? It's possible that we have found a dream job for you. NASA offers £14 000 for staying in bed in two months to test how artificial gravity affects the human body. The only requirement for the job is to speak German. So what are you waiting for?Source: Independent
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