Friday, 17 January 2020

James Bond attacked in Pinewood

​James Bond, the secret agent on Her Majesty's service, was reportedly attacked in Pinewood. The attack was no surprise to Bond, who got used to it by now – he's been in service for more than 50 years. The explosion was set during the lunch hour, taking down the roof and some wall panels, but Mr Bond managed to save his munchies with no damage, wit...
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Me doing a presentation.

Me doing a presentation.

Godzilla is evolving, scientists claim

​Dartmouth College scientists determined that Godzilla has been evolving 30 times faster than any other living organism. Godzilla, a fictional movie monster, created in the midst of Cold-War drama, symbolizes collective anxiety that has grown immensely in the last 65 years, Catchupnews was informed. Any suggestions on who could stand up to this gia...
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Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal movie

Many things have been said about the royal wedding, and now there's even a movie to complete our thirst about royal ups and downs. Lifetimes' Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal is also significant for another interesting fact – the frequency of the name Harry being used in movie titles. Here are some suggestions by Catchupnews, but feel free to add y...
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Naples gang attacks young actor who played mobster in The Piranhas movie

​ A baby gang, consisting of underage brutes, attacked a young actor in Naples, for they believed he was a real-life mobster. Actor Artem Tkachuk, who played a mobster in The Piranhas, a movie about baby gangs in Naples, was obviously a great choice for the role since he fooled even the real mobsters.

Tony Soprano's son inherits his dad's mafia position

Famous Tony Soprano passed away, but his legacy remains very much alive – his son inherited his talent and will follow in his dad's footsteps, Catchupnews was told by informants. The role played by James Gandolfini will be reprised by his own son, Michael Gandolfini, in the latest movie that tells a story of Tony Soprano's profuse career beginnings...
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A hand changes everything...

A hand changes everything...
Wait a minute, while we are rendering the calendar

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