Friday, 28 February 2020

​He spent £10million and now makes £10 per hour


Not all of us are finance geniuses of course, but some lottery millionaires have still managed to arrange their lives in a way that they don't have to work ever again. For an average spender, £10million would be enough to live more than 350 years without worrying about money. You can even make sure your parents never had to work again. Instead, 19-...
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24-year-old won $768 million and waited weeks to cash his prize


He bought $10 worth lottery tickets on a whim. He pretty much felt lucky. And one of these tickets earned him $768 Million. But instead of running to cash it off and finally start his new life as a millionaire, he freaked out and hid the ticket in the safe. "I got that paranoia when you think the whole world is after you," explains the man. So...
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