High fashion - which one has the best fit

High fashion - which one has the best fit

Kim Kardashian - dressed to (im)press

​Some great people in history, in the times of trouble and still unrecognized prominence, used to wrap themselves in newspapers to stay warm during the winter periods. And there are still some celebrities who stay down to Earth and keep practising the paper-wrapping, regardless of their wealth and status – Kim Kardashian, for example. The Kardashia...
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Men in heels - next big thing in fashion

​In the latest edition of Vogue, fashion journalists list the number of male celebrities who often and gladly wear heels, and wonder if the trend could be the next big thing in the world of fashion and style. Here at Catchupnews, we sincerely hope that heels, like so many other trendy prerogatives, won't hurt the male wearers and their delicate cal...
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Austrian Minister attends parliament session but forgets to put on shoes

​Austrian Minister for European Affairs Gernot Blimel just made a bold fashion statement in the Austrian Parliament by wearing no shoes at the regular assembly. The minister wore a neatly crafted dark suit, paired with a matching tie, but amazed the public by sporting turquoise socks, without shoes whatsoever. In Catchupnews' humble opinion, he's a...
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Kim Kardashian - times of drastic changes

​Following the news about her career course switch towards law and order, more surprising facts concerning Kim Kardashian keep emerging and causing great trouble - the stock market went nuts, tidal rhythms changed, and even Trump kept away from Twitter for a while. What was the change all about? Dear Catchupnews readers, Kim Kardashian was photogra...
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Naomi Campbell mistaken for artefact in Qatar

​Naomi Campbell attended the opening of the new National Museum of Qatar in Doha. She wore a decent white gown for the occasion, and gave the overall impression of a statue of unprecedented beauty. No wonder the guards of the museum later tried to ban her from leaving the building, for they mistook her for one of the museum artefacts, Catchupnews h...
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Newest fashion craze - denim underwear

denim underwear
​Y/Project, a fashion design team, just showed its newest innovation for the spring – a pair of denim knickers intended for regular, everyday usage. The item immediately became a sensation when appeared for online sale for a moderate price of 300$. Gynaecologist, however, worn fashionistas not to wear this type of underwear until they regrow some p...
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Melania Trump meets Fabiana Rosales, Juan Guaido's wife, at Mar-a-Lago

The First Lady of America met with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of unofficial Venezuelan president, for a cup of tea at Mar-a-Lago resort. Two of them, one unacclaimed, and the other one unamazed, shared a brief photo shoot together. The one was chequered, and the other one striped, the sight that could cause flashes and headache to photosensitive per...
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Marc Jacobs tries to dismiss Nirvana lawsuit over smiley logo

Marc Jacobs, a well-known fashion designer, tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Nirvana band estate over the use of Nirvana's smiley-face logo in his latest Redux Grunge Collection. Jacobs stated that the logo can't be considered as Kurt Cobain's work of art because it's a smiley, and the whole world knows Cobain was a grumpy, depressed, and ...
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Gigi Hadid just revived pair of Uggs yesterday

The famous model and style icon Gigi Hadid came across a peculiar incident yesterday, when she stumbled upon a pair of inactive Uggs in the streets of New York. Gigi immediately approached the pair of boots, and started the reviving procedure, according to Models Across Worlds manual. The boots soon regained their puff, and were ready to wear. The ...
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