Sunday, 05 April 2020

In college...

In college...

Best college.

Best college.

​Don't give your beer to a police officer if you are underage


During the first week of classes, there was a college party in someone's yard. All of a sudden policemen pulled up to bust the party. Freshmen were losing their minds. One girl handed her beer to a uniformed police officer and said: "Hold my beer, I'm underage and the cops are here!" The policeman looked at her with amazement, and said: "How in the...
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​Don't run when you see a policeman


A group of friends used to hang out outside and smoke Hookah in college. They often had a chat with campus police. Once a freshman joined their hang out. Then the police car rolled up. As soon as the cop got out of the car, the freshman bolted. The cop tackled him and found a bunch of weed. Police told him that prior running he didn't have a reason...
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Dr. Dre wanted to show how his daughter made it to college on her own. Then he remembered the donation.


The recent revelation that showed how wealthy parents have paid huge sums to get their kids to elite colleges has made some of them stand up and show how their children have made it on their own. Dr. Dre boasted on Twitter about his Daughter getting into USC all on her own. Then he remembered how he donated $70 million to school and quickly deleted...
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