Monks do it better

‚ÄčOne of the world's rarest and best beers - Trappist Westvleteren, produced by Belgian monks, soon will grace the online sphere with its presence. The monks decided it's time to go viral after the series of incidents involving resale of their precious product for much bigger prices. From now on they will sell the famous beer only to the upright cus...
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Swimming in pesticides

Gone are the times where you could take a dip in a local river. Scientists have stated that European most polluted river is located in Flanders, Belgium. Wulfdambeek used to be a stream where local boys filled up their water bottles. No more. Now you can find from the same stream 70 hazardous pesticides, 38 weed killers, 21 fungal killers and even ...
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Women cyclist ordered to slow down so male cyclists could end their race first

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad race around the Flemish Ardennes in Belgium is held once a year, featuring both men and women cyclist teams racing for the prize and glory, with ten minutes break between the starts of the two races. However, the women were evidently faster and better prepared for the competition than the male team, with some of them even succ...
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