Friday, 03 April 2020

Bangkok red districts will look like Cotswolds

​Thai politicians have decided to reconstruct Bangkok infamous red district – known for racy girls and boys offering their services to wealthy foreigners, into a more decent, cosy and family-friendly neighbourhood like Cotswolds. They plan to paint old buildings in yellow and plant some yellowish flowers by the canals. The aim is to make the area u...
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Korean grandmas are back to school

​Rural South Korean schools are now filled with a new type of pupils – diligent and enthusiastic grandmas. The women in their sixties and seventies, who never attended school before, now have the opportunity to widen their knowledge, and gain new skills, Catchupnews reveals. The women usually get before dawn to do homework and practice penmanship, ...
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Bhutan PM works as surgeon on weekends

​The prime minister of Bhutan, a little state in Asia, somewhere between India and China, stays busy on weekends – he operates and tends to his patients, Catchupnews was told. Most politicians, head of states, and local authorities try to make our lives miserable even on weekends..
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