Animalia Gaudium


The Suicide Plant.

The Suicide Plant.

Teacher : Kevin give me ten wild animals.

Teacher : Kevin give me ten wild animals.

Human chess 1924 - Leningrad, Russia.

Human chess 1924 - Leningrad, Russia.

Ladybug invasion in California

​California is a state to be in right now, for an enormous swarm of ladybugs is moving towards it with an intention to  mate and procreate. And s...
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World's cutest mayor

​The town of Idyllwild has a hairy mayor who's all for peace, love, and sniffing other dogs. Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, age six, a golden re...
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Chernobyl wildlife thriving after human inhabitants left

​The horrible nuclear disaster hit Chernobyl in 1986, and most of the inhabitants left the place when the area became exposed to the high level of rad...
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London tube mosquito subspecies

​A special mosquito subspecies developed in the London tube surrounding – Culex pipiens molestus, and unlike their mosquito cousins, they have flair f...
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Baby storks in UK after centuries long wait

​Some things are just worth waiting for. After months of prolongated separation process between Britain and the European Union, with all the affairs a...
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Immigrant pet parrots naturalized in 23 US states

​Elaborate research data finally confirmed that 25 parrot species are now naturalized, and freely breeding across the USA. The parrots, initially plan...
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