Why You Snore and What Can You Do to Stop It & Sleep Well

Why You Snore and What Can You Do to Stop It & Sleep Well

Most of us have woken up in the witching hours of the night to the terrible sounds that brawl from within you. And it comes as no surprise that whether it emits from your mouth or someone else’s, snores are the antagonists to blissful, baby sleep.

So what are these sounds and why do they rumble through to make our life a living (or sleeping?) hell.

Experts have to say that snoring is attributed to the reverberation of relaxed vocal tissues in the throat that resultantly emit a low pitched drawl when the drag of air passes your throat during a (hoped to be) peaceful sleep.

With more than half of the people on Earth snoring at some point in their life, it seems a definite fact that men appear to be having most of the (diabolical) fun. The pitch and resonating of snores are variables depending on all kinds of factors, with none of them coming with a music-to-ears vibe. Who would’ve guessed?


We come across a lot of cases on how much of a significant toll snoring takes on the affected, and the unfortunate who have to share a bed with one. But despite the mounted suffering, there is very little general knowledge on how to deal with the downsides of snoring. And thus people typically tend to persist with the issue rather than solve it, and finally, have a blissful sleep. This stubborn persistence with an otherwise harmless problem can snowball into heart problems, stroke risks, and hypertension.

Do you still need a reason to question if a snoring problem is severe enough to delve into further?

Snoring can be an underlying symptom of sleep apnea, a dangerous condition where the snorer stops breathing intermittently during their sleep cycle. Sometimes sleep apnea can cause sleep to break up more than a few dozen times during the night, and this can resultantly cause anxiety, lethargy and a barrage of other medical complications.

With an alarming 75% of snorers suffering some form of sleep apnea with breath obstruction, the dangers of developing cardiac problems are alarmingly high and mean that the biggest way to release the snoring problems pressure valve is to nip it at their root which is snoring itself!

Adopt these natural solutions and lifestyle changes, which may help you stop snoring.

1: Why You Snore?


Snoring is the oscillating rumble in the back of your throat as you inhale and exhale while in deep slumber. The narrower your throat becomes with the progression of sleep; the deeper and lower pitched the sound of the snore gets. And if the situation gets bad enough to the point where your throat stems to the point of collapse, it begins to clamp down on your breathing, resultantly birthing to a sleep disorder which is known as sleep apnea. The cause and effect of snoring are mostly the same as they proliferate across the origins: whether the snoring is through your nose or mouth.

2: Change Your Sleeping Position


When we sleep on our back, the tongues base and soft palate recede to the back wall of your throat, leading to deep resonations in your sleep. Turns out sleeping on your side may be the undoing of this problem.

One easy fix is known as a body pillow, which is essentially a pillow the size of your entire body that assists posture fixation. With it wedged under a side, you can then sleep peacefully on the other side as your snoring problem undergoes a drastic tune down. A simpler DIY way to achieve the same effect (albeit at an aesthetic cost), is to place thick boards or telephone books under one side of the bed’s legs to tilt it sufficiently and reduce snore sounds. Be careful not to fall off though!

Another known trick is to tape tennis balls behind your pajamas to prevent yourself sleeping on your back flat. Alternatively with an upward recline of your bed; you can achieve similar results by opening nasal airways to help free your breathing passages. However, this does come at the added cost of neck pain, so there is that to consider when adopting a new position.

3: Check Your Weight


A little-known fact is that the chances of snoring escalate by more than 50% when the subject happens to be overweight. So while it is not a sure shot solution by cutting on those fat deposits, the numbers certainly contribute and losing even just 5 pounds can alleviate the problem.

With weight gain, there is a cyclical problem of escalating snoring. As snoring trims down your sleep cycle, you put on more and more weight which in turn contributes to more snoring. Talk about a multiple edged katana!

An overweight, out of form body is troublesome for the following reasons (including flabby tummies!). Layers of greasy tissue and a lack of muscle mass compound the problem of snoring as can having excess fat deposits on the neck or throat. A healthier diet and workout regime can help those deep snorers bring an effective end to their problems!

4: Clear Nasal Passages


For those that suffer under the mightier reign of a stuffy nose, rinsing the sinuses with warm saline water can do miracles in the bedroom (for snoring of course!) Further help can be achieved by utilizing neti-pot, nasal strips or nasal decongestions to regulate breathing during snoozes.

Allergies can be minimized by reducing dust mites and pet hair while using hypo allergenic products with an aim to help ease your sleep.

If problems persist, a decongestant aided by antihistamine effects can cause nasal congestion sourced snoring to minimize, but can only be maintained if the cold or allergy is temporary as prolonged usage carries severe risk to liver health.

Gargling with a peppermint flavored mouthwash can shirk breath canal lineages to prevent snoring caused by heat-cold or allergies.

5: Stop Smoking


As a shock factor, smoking is attributed to severe cases of snoring (as an additional FYI it also permanently destroys the respiratory system). The chances of one snoring increases significantly as more cigarettes are smoked.


While we go out on a limb to assume this crosses a smokers reading, but if it is, smoking disturbs your nasal passages and thins out the flow of air, causing a higher chance to snore and loudly too at that. As if there aren’t bigger reasons to give it up, so live long and drop the Marlboros!

6: Avoid Alcohol & Drugs


Relaxants like alcohol and sedatives lax the rear muscles of the throat, making it more likely for them to loose-flutter and thus make you snore.

And so the consumption of alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills leads to chronic nervous system shifting. These relax the throat and jaw muscles which cause the tongue to droop and then block the air passageway.

Sleeping pills and sedatives are a big no-go since their use interferes with your breathing. A visit to a doctor from prescription med details never hurts as caffeinated meds are a great alternative to reduce sedative induced snoring sleep.

7: Bedtime Eating


A critical watch over your pre-sleep dietary habits can provide deep insight into the cause of your snoring. Consuming relatively large meals or dense foods such as soymilk and dairy products increases the chance of snoring. Brownie points for brushing your teeth!

8: 4 Anti Snoring Exercises


Throat vascular phonetics plays a significant role in how our upper respiratory tract muscles are strengthened and thus reduce snoring in general. The following exercises greatly help in the alleviation;

1. Word out each vowel (a, e, i, o, u) loudly for a solid three minutes, several times a day.

2. Place your tongues tip behind your incisors (top front teeth) and slide it backward for three minutes daily.

3. Purse your lips and hold for a solid 30 seconds.

4. While your mouth is open, move your jaw to the right and the left while holding for 30 seconds in each position.

5. With an open mouth, repeatedly contract the uvula (hanging throat ball) for 30 seconds daily.

6. Work those vocals! Singing increases muscle control and makes them taut, causing reduced lax muscle snoring.

9: Air


Ensure your bedroom air is sufficiently humid as dry air can irritate vocal membranes that are the most sensitive part of your throat and thus can react by swelling. So keep a humidifier nearby to dampen the air.

10: Use Your Power!


EPAP or Expiratory Positive Airway pressure clinically targets the audible blockages of the throat and reduces this noise of snoring by casting a gentle pressure on the throat to keep the air passages obstruction free and thus uses your own power and synergy to rid you of snoring.

11: Keep a Schedule


Set a clear schedule and keep it! Going to sleep and getting up at the same time each day, every day creates a consistent circadian rhythm or biological sleep-wake cycle. This ensures your body is getting plenty of rest. When we progressively move towards burning out, we encounter a deeper form of rest that can impact our throat air passages and its assistive actions like drinking liquor or taking a sedative. A lot of quality rest is only one of the numerous required approaches to quitting snoring.

12: Try Mouthpiece Devices


Also known by dental appliances or mandibular advancement splints, these are usually tiny plastic devices held in the mouth during sleep to stop the softer throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the throat airway and thus aid in breathing.

They do this by extending your lower jaw forward and by lifting your soft palate upwards to free up more space. Some devices also deter the tongue from hanging back over your windpipe by holding it in place.

Consult your medical practitioner and dentist about these kinds of devices, or consult a sleep therapist. Some hardware may be all it takes to cure your snore problem.

13: Need Immediate Snore Relief?


Try getting over the counter pharmaceutical strips that use herbal essences to relax naturally and in some cases stiffen particular throat passages to ensure breathing is not only unobstructed but also silent so that you and your special other enjoys a quiet night of relaxing sleep.

These tips will hopefully help you out, but in case they don’t, visit a doctor as soon as possible because you don’t want to end up having more problems!

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