Why Does R. Kelly Always Get A Pass Despite Egregious Accusations? Celebs Weigh In!

But given the recent climate of Hollywood and the shunning of dozens of power players across all industries for alleged inappropriate behavior, why is it that the Pied Piper always gets a pass?

Whether it’s rumors about his love life or gossip about holding women in his home against their will, folks still suppert the r&b crooner despite the numerous and egregious accusations.

In an attempt to get down to the answer, HipHollywood turned to fellow celebrities to ask why Kels fans are so loyal.

“People grew up on Kels, they just love him and love what he do,” actor and comedian Deon Cole told us. “You love who you love. Even with Bill Cosby, they still love him because of what he did.”

Singer, Melanie Fiona, explained that although she doesn’t like to “comment on other peoples business” and that she “really can’t speak for the masses of people who support him,” she can confirm that “music is powerful and sometimes that trumps anything else.”

HipHollywood even tried to snag Elise Neal, but all she could say was: “Oooh, I don’t know how to answer that question.”

For all you R. Kelly supporters, will you always be a fan? Or does it take one thing for you to jump off the bandwagon?

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