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Trump evaluates climate changes as positive thing for there are fewer insects to bore us now


President Trump has yet again declared his disbelief in media professed climate changes, and even went further by saying it's a positive event that could free us from the insect pest for good. Still, scientists have been warning us for years that global warming, reduction of biodiversity, and intensive farming, with all of its industrial and chemical-based sides, have been causing insect annihilation of immeasurable proportions. The importance of insects for our ecosystem cannot be expressed enough, but just to mention their role in the food chain, and pollination of fruits and veggies. By whipping these out, the human race is slowly but surely killing itself.
But no scientific proofs could persuade the current American President, who stays firmly on his stand that nothing could significantly change the world we know.
'I've been fighting these little bastards for decades now. Even today, my residence is fully packed with fly-slappers, and when I start chasing them around, it's either me or them. But it's always me, at the end', Trump remarked.
He also reminisced some of his childhood anecdotes: 'We used to drive around, my paps and I, back in the country, and there were always a curtain of bugs on our windshield, and I was so mad at them at the time, that I would pull my hand out, grab and eat a bunch of those nasty little things, that's how much I hated them.'


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