This Young Woman Shared One Of The Cutest Moments Of Her Pregnancy

This Young Woman Shared One Of The Cutest Moments Of Her Pregnancy

This story has been viral all over the internet for the past few months and now we know why it was.

A young woman named Brianne planned a great moment to give his husband surprise of her pregnancy. She staged a photo shoot with a photographer having said to her husband “Brandon”, that this was some sort of a couple photo shoot. In the beginning the photographer asked her husband to write three letters on the chalkboard that described her wife.Brandon started writing while during this Brianne had already written the news of her pregnancy and she was showing it the whole time on the back of her husband to the camera.

The photographer hired was their wedding photographer and they discussed secretly about this plan in advance. On having said to write about her wife , Brandon wrote these letters.

Right after writing these letters , Brandon turned and saw the news of her pregnancy and those moment were amazing to capture.

Brandon started crying in emotions as he never expected such a thing. While explaining the photographer Samantha said “Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board”.

After this , Brianne told Brandon about the little secret between her and the photographer upon which Brandon passed a smile. This post became viral on Facebook , received 250,000 likes and is still counting.We are sure they would be telling this amazing story to to their child when that kid grows up and they would never forget this amazing moment ever in their lives.


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