This Baby May Look ‘Normal’ But He’s Actually The Very First Of His Kind

This Baby May Look ‘Normal’ But He’s Actually The Very First Of His Kind

Having a baby is a milestone in the lives of almost all couples around the world. No matter when your first baby is born, no matter what gender that child belongs to, a baby being born is always surrounded by joy and thankfulness, especially for people who have been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time and most especially for those who though it was impossible (much like this couple from Sweden).

Every minute, almost 251 babies are born in this world but to every mother her own baby is the most precious and beautiful. 37-year-old Malin Stenberg had almost lost all hopes of motherhood. She and her partner, Claes Nilsson, saw their son, Vincint born against some massive odds.

Little Vincent was the first ever baby to have been born from a transplanted womb. His birth has given hope to so many other hopeless women around the world who want nothing more than to have a little baby of their own.

Stenberg learned she had Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRks) when she was 15 years old. This condition causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped in baby girls. After hearing the news, the woman had lost all hope of becoming a mother.

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