These Tinder Profiles Will Make You Fall In Love Immediately

These Tinder Profiles Will Make You Fall In Love Immediately

Swipe Right on true love and romance!

Love Is In The Air

Tinder is the go-to for many millennials looking for things ranging from everlasting love and romance to one-night-stands to casual dates to someone who will ghost them to threesomes or just to kill some time. Whatever the reason may be, people turn to Tinder and this is why Tinder isn’t really the best place for people seriously looking for a life-partner.

If you guys think we’re joking, just have a look at some of these terrible profiles from Tinder.



1. Love Is In The Air

Tinder is the place where modern man (and woman) goes to find everlasting love and romance - or at least an awkward sexual encounter for a night. These profiles prove that not everyone is on the dating app to find their soulmate. 

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2. Lost In The Matrix

Uh....Are those the only two options? Because neither sound great. But we do know we definitely don't want to stay plugged into the Matrix.

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3. Toilet Humor

This is a very clever recreation of Rodin's classic sculpture "The Thinker!" Looks like this girl is a fan of fine art. Swipe right! 


4. Photo Finish

Be careful what you wish for. We cringe at the thought of what her inbox looks like. 


5. Win-Win

Never say never on swiping right on this profile. Now we know that the only thing that gets in between this guy and his Calvins is a Justin Bieber fan! 


6. Best Of Both Worlds

But how would you answer your parents when they ask you "How did you know she was the one?" It could make for very awkward conversation when you go home for the Holidays. 

7. Barely Legal this kid even old enough for Tinder? Swipe right if you want to find yourself on To Catch a Predator! 


8. Slay, Bitch!

Make sure you let your friends know your last known whereabouts when going out with this guy! You can't say he didn't warn you. 


9. Truth In Advertising

At least you know exactly what you're getting! Unless he pulls a bait-and-switch and you end up with a healthy relationship instead. And nobody on Tinder wants that! 


10. MILF

Your girlfriend is just going to turn into her mother eventually. So why not take out the middle man of time and just date her mom instead? 


11. Father Figure

Shame. Her dad could have taught her a lot of things, like how to make a funny joke on Tinder. 

12. Photoshop Much?

Who says you can't find Mr. Too Good to Be True on Tinder? Looks like good guys do exist - you know, totally legit astronauts who enjoy a good slice of space-pizza! 


13. Inside Job

Maybe she's trying to subliminally plant that she'll "go down" just like the Twin Towers? Or she could be trying to warn you that she'll make your "tower" burn? 


15. Thirst Quencher

It's funny because it's true. It's also sad because it's true. 

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