Revealed: three out of four chickens from a supermarket have a nasty bug


Catchup News was horrified to hear today that researchers have found that almost three-quarters of fresh chickens bought in UK shops contain the bacteria named as the country's biggest cause of food poisoning. And you thought McNuggets were a risk. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) tested for campylobacter - yes, it’s a real thing - in a year-long study, which found that 73 per cent of chickens tested positive but only 19 per cent had the highest level of contamination. So they were just a tiny bit poisony, not the full amount. That’s okay then. Oh no wait, it’s not. All major retailers were found to have failed to reach the industry target for reducing the bug during the period. ALL OF THEM. Do we sound like we’re panicking? Because we are a little bit. If you’re looking for the worst culprit to help settle your nerves about the others, Asda chickens were more likely to have the highest campylobacter levels, while Tesco was the only supermarket to fall below the industry average. But Tesco is evil isn’t it? Now we don’t know what to believe. Maybe we should just move to a farm and life off the land. That’s seem like a lot of work. Vegetarianism it is then. Get those Linda McCartneys on the go. More from Catchup News next.

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