Putin’s 2019 calendar has him hugging a puppy and the obligatory shirtless shot

The annual Vladimir Putin photo calendar is out and it’s all you could ever wish for.

The 2019 edition of the Putin VVP calendar includes pictures of the Russian president hugging a puppy and – of course – the obligatory shirtless shots.

Unsurprisingly, the calendar has been flying off the shelves for years and proud locals seem to love it.

Showing his love for nature, and his bare chest, Vladimir Putin poses with a fish (Picture: Amazon)
Another one shows him cuddling up to an adorable puppy (Picture: Amazon)

One Russian told CNN: ‘I don’t think that many countries have a president as strong as ours and I think many people would like to have such a president in their countries.’

Another macho bare-chested snap shows Putin holding a fish he has just caught.In the January image, the 65-year-old takes a dip in icy water at Lake Seliger to mark the Russian Orthodox Epiphany.

To show his sensitive side, the Russian leader is pictured with a puppy and a leopard cub.

He can be seen shirtless in several snaps (Picture: Amazon)
The Russian leader was also snapped with a gun (Picture: Amazon)

One working in a Russian shop said of the calendar: ‘In this series of calendars, our president is presented in various characters.

‘We see him confident or positive. We feel save in our country, we have confidence in the future.

‘I would like to say that our calendar is very popular, especially among those who work at the Russian parliament and in private entities.’

But not everyone is as happy about it, another shop owner said: ‘I’m fed up. I don’t want to sell them anymore, I’m sick of them.’

The VVP calendar – which stands for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – is being sold in Russia for 50 Russian Rubbles, which is around 60p.

The calendar usually sells out, according to Russian shop owners (Picture: Amazon)
Several ‘James Bond inspired’ pictures shows the leader in a suit (Picture: Amazon)

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