Saturday, 19 October 2019

Prince Harry's plan to miss Royal baby madness

Prince Harry's plan to miss Royal baby madness

Catchup News was pretty jealous today to learn that Prince Harry has flown to Australia and will inevitably now miss the birth of his brother's second child. The prince is going to be on the other side of the world when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth. And a lot of people are thinking of doing the same, we’d imagine. Kate is due to have her second child in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, imminently, and while we’re very happy for her, we’re pretty sick of those “we’re camping outside the hospital” stories. The bookies' favourite date for the birth was last Saturday, so those with money on the next few days must be feeling anxious. It has been reported that the Duchess is now overdue, and crowds of ardent monarchists have been patiently waiting outside the Lindo Wing, no doubt wondering where their lives went so wrong. Harry, meanwhile, will be sunning himself Down Under, sorry - will be visiting army units in Perth and Sydney, and will be on an official tour of New Zealand until 16 May. Pretty perfect timing. It means he misses all the speculation about the date his sister-in-law will give birth and the gender of the child, but we’re sure he’ll cope. The couple sent pastries with pink ribbons to their faithful fans on Tuesday afternoon, sending them into a tizzy of excitement, and speculation rising that the baby is a girl. Spoiler alert: the baby is a baby and who cares. We say well played, Harry. More from Catchup News soon.

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