Personal Hygiene Rules That We Have Been Doing Wrong Everyday

Personal Hygiene Rules That We Have Been Doing Wrong Everyday

Personal hygiene is one of the most important thing to be taken care of to live a happy , safe and successful life. Still most of the people do not pay proper attention do their personal hygiene’s due to which they perform wrong actions on certain circumstances of personal hygiene. And due to constantly doing it wrong during their lives , they do not care and continue on doing it wrong. Lets have a look at these habits.

1- When coughing or sneezing , one should always prefer to dab.

When coughing or sneezing , one should always prefer to dab but if its not possible for some reason then he/she should cover its mouth with hands . The ideal way is to dab because using the hands , one can get germs on their hands through coughing or sneezing. And it further could cause different diseases and infections if those hands are used anywhere on the face e.g for rubbing eyes can cause infection in eyes.

2- The correct way to brush your teeth.

Teeth are one of the most important thing to showcase a person’s beauty. Many of the times people do not give importance and proper attention to their teeth and they end up in having bad teeth which not only looks good to others but can also give them pain and at the end they visit dentists to tackle these issues. As dentists also say that brushing your teeth is the most important thing to do to make your teeth safe and people when do also do it casually and not properly. So to do it in a proper way the first thing to do is to start by using a small amount of tooth paste and not much.

And then brushing the teeth starting from circular motion on the gums, then to back and forth on the biting surfaces , then again in a circular motion on the gum and lastly up and down for the back of the front teeth.

3- The proper right way to wash hairs is itself great for a healthy hairs.

Hairs itself are a great factor of one’s personality. There is a proper right way to wash hairs to keep them in a good shape. The steps are as follows:

Instead of using a wet towel , one can use a t-shirt , it can smooth en your curly hairs. Apply conditioner always to the top edge of your hairs where they end and not to the roots. Before applying any styling cream always use hair dryer for drying. Never rub or scratch your scalp instead use fingers softly to rub the shampoo.

4- Picking your nose to clean.

As we know that if there are germs present on your fingers , they are always harmful for you if you use them on your face or to eat something or even picking your nose to clean and it can cause serious infection. The right way to clean your nose is to clean your nose with water or use some special device. Though it is a small thing to pay attention but still it holds a great impact on the health of a person.

5- Sleeping posture that helps in less body pains.

One of the things that people today experience is pain in their bodies either on their backs or in any other part of the body , and one of the main reason is the wrong sleeping posture that makes their body feel painful as their body isn’t adjusted to that. People who sleep on beds are seen having such pains less but people sleeping on the floor are most seen having these kind of pain. There are special postures to sleep on the floor to avoid any such pain.

Either it can be a pillow or any other soft thing like the pillow that if kept underneath you as shown in this picture can help you lessen the risks of getting pain after sleeping on the floor.

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