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Jordyn Woods will be questioned by House of Representatives


Following the alleged cheating scandal that erupted recently in the house of Kardashian, and seriously endangered the state stability, the US House of Representatives will question accused Jordyn Woods about her involvement in the case specified above.

The Representatives will surely be interested to know what exactly went on during the party time when Jordyn was seen alone with Khloe's partner Tristan. The facts will help Representatives to establish a precise line of events, as well as to determine whether Jordyn actually break the strict rules of NDA agreement signed with the Kardashian family.

The whole country has been on the verge of civil unrest due to the conflict that arose among the family, and the persistent show audience just can't cope with the heartbreaking news of yet another love shipwreck. The barricades were set in the Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Boulevard's drone footage showed the famous sight in flames, with outrageous turmoil of car wrecks, and hordes of people loathing around pointlessly, yelling, screaming, and chanting. The National Guard issued a statement in which they call the people to calm down, and behave in accordance with prescribed civil order.

The hearing will take place today, and it's expected to ease the situation in the US, as well in the world stock market.

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