Interpol is researching Instagram followers to identify cheaters


The complex love relationships have been a growing problem of the modern world, often ending in noisy brawls, and sometimes even leading to crime and illegal activities. That's why the international police organization have decided to establish a special team that would supervise the world's most active Instagram users in order to recognize and prevent cheating behavioural patterns.

Inspector Clouseau, the chief Interpol officer, noted that certain celebrity behaviour can transmit to the average people, like the inclination to unfollow some users when the relations start going astray, as well as checking on some other subjects that raise suspicion, or following then unfollowing the same user a couple of times, as well as unfollowing then checking the user in question, etc. 'We're approaching the problem very delicately', Clouseau said on a press conference. 'The number of cheaters is rapidly growing, and we get so many calls, day and night. This is a breaking point for the international police forces to start using modern technologies in order to prevent and solve crimes. After a year of research, for which we were using a deductive method of thought, we have come to a conclusion that not only we are now able to say who secretly likes whom, but also who continues to love someone even if he says he doesn't', Clouseau noted. 'That way we can address the burning problem at its core, and probably reveal many fake profiles.'

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