“I Was Pregnant and I Hated My Body.” a Mother’s Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Model After Five Children

“I Was Pregnant and I Hated My Body.” a Mother’s Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Model After Five Children

It wasn’t easy, but neither was it impossible.

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Every time pregnancy results in you putting on a lot of weight. It is not somewhat natural. However, it’s important for the health of both the child and the mother. And it would be so much awesome if the extra pounds suddenly go away right after the birth of your baby. But sadly, this doesn’t really happen most of the time. And the women end up complaining about their bodies.

But this woman from England, Simone Gately has a totally different point of view. According to her, there is simply no justification for gaining excess weight after pregnancy. Just have a look at the figure this thirty-five-year-old, mother of five. There is no chance that you wouldn’t believe her.

However, it has never been easy for her as well she had been through really tough times in her life struggling against her hormones, genetics and her harmful habits. But ultimately, because of her will power, she was successful in losing 255 extra pounds.

Currently, Simone is an admired blogger on several social platforms and a role model to be followed by the millions of moms all around the globe. Amazingly, this woman who gave birth to five children having a body, which any eighteen-year-old would simply dream of.

After the birth of her child, Simone made some efforts of losing some weight, but soon after she got pregnant again.

She says that her body looked so huge at that time that she hated her pregnancy and also felt as if she would lose control over herself. Just when she managed to lose a few pounds that she had gained during her pregnancy that they would be coming back soon.

As Gately gave birth to her children with a gap of not more than a year, all she was supposed to do was to just deal with her body shape. But, the extra 84 pounds that she gained during the third pregnancy carried her to make a decision of beginning a battle against this process. And Simone ultimately had started to do sports actively.

Even while she was pregnant, she didn’t stop working on herself, and that is just great.

And yet she believes her five kids to be her greatest achievements, but shedding those extra 255 pounds was the greatest and the most severe suffering of her life.

The fitness model Simone Gately even taught her forty-five-year-old husband, and her five children to do sports regularly with her. Her kids have taken part in her fitness activities ever since they were like two-years-old.

Her Instagram account is a home of encouragement and inspiration to millions of moms out there.

Simone also says that the support and motivation of her husband are two of the greatest elements in her aspiration to achieve perfect body shape.

Beginning her everyday routine at 5 am, Simone works out every single day and also uses her children as weights for doing squats and for doing press-ups.

This part-time personal trainer at Halifax in the United-Kingdom is all set for starting her very own YouTube channel for giving workout tutorials on the weekly basis.

And after she gained 30-kg herself right after her very first pregnancy, so she already had the first-hand experience of losing weight right after the pregnancy.

“Like most people I started posting on social media to update my friends but it’s amazing that I now have over twenty thousand followers,” says Simone.

“My posts are mainly fitness inspired but I do post a lot of family pictures too.

“Balancing being a mum and leading a healthy lifestyle hasn’t been difficult but I know for some women it is and that’s why I’m here to help.”

“I try to walk everywhere and when I’m off with the kids we will go on a bike ride or hike, I like them to enjoy the outdoors rather than sitting indoors on a computer game.

“I use my social media account to show other women that you don’t have to live in the gym and let fitness dominate your life in order to have a flat stomach and good muscle tone.

“I only go to the gym twice a week and I have the body I’ve worked for, I have an eight pack and enjoy chocolatey treats every now and again too.

“I even use the kids as weights when I’m working out, something they find really fun. I will pop them on my back when doing press ups and squads, now I’m really into my fitness and healthy eating, I’m full of energy and even with five kids, I still manage to have Me time, it’s amazing.”

But the mother of five kids confesses that leading a healthful lifestyle has not always been her top most priority.

“During my first pregnancy with Summer I ate way too much and piled on the pounds, I was at least five stone (30kg) heavier by the time I gave birth.

“But shortly after she was born I slimmed right back down to a size six as I was due to get married ten months later.

“I’ve since had another four children who are now all under the age of nine and although my stomach has stretched and deflated so many times, I still have strong ab muscles.”

“During my pregnancies I gained 18 stone (114kg) across them all but I’ve always enjoyed exercise and managed to lose it.

“People always leave such lovely comments on my pictures but I want to show others that I’m just a normal mum that ensures she exercises every day and eats well.

“I now have fresh food and try to avoid anything processed such as pasta and bread, as not only does it make me look better but I feel better for it too.”

“I have so many friends who ask ‘how do you cope with the kids and gym?’ But I don’t think I would be able to cope without the gym.

“I will normally have been to the gym and back while everyone else is still sleeping.

“My whole family benefits from me being fit and healthy, I’ve never felt so good about myself.

“I’m going to set up a YouTube page soon so I can post videos of me in the gym so people can get to know me better and understand the work outs I do.”

BREAKFAST: Fruit, Yoghurt and Granola plus two boiled eggs

LUNCH: Wholegrain salad with salmon or chicken

DINNER: Fish and Vegetables / Turkey mince and roasted vegetables

SNACKS: Oat cakes / Popcorn

So, what’s your opinion about this mom? What do you have to say about her secret? Having the good genetic background, being a good fitness trainer, or perhaps having a strong will power? Tell us about your story of pregnancy and your struggle for getting back in shape after it!

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