I don't understand women!

I don't understand women!
I don't understand women!
Over the weekend my wife insisted that spending time playing games with her was far much better than watching football and having some drinks with the guys. I begrudgingly succumbed to her wishes.

Game : she said let's make a list of 5 people that we each could date if allowed by either one of us to date and given an opportunity.

She picked :
1.Brad Pitt,
2.Tom Cruise
3.James Bond
4 Leonardo De Caprio
5.Will Smith.

Me, being a simple guy as I am, I just picked:
1.Sandra - her sister.
2. Janet - her cousin.
3. Mercy - her best friend.
4. Cynthia - our next door neighbor, and
5. Mrs Banda - our son's school teacher.

To my surprise up to now the game has not ended as I am still explaining my choices while I didn't ask her for any explanation for hers!
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