Monday, 24 February 2020

How Danny Trejo went from prison inmate to action star


Ever since Runaway Train, Trejo has been keeping himself pretty busy. Visit his IMDb page, and you'll find he's got over 300 credits in his filmography. And during his 30 plus years of acting, he's starred alongside some of the biggest action stars in the business, like Charles Bronson (Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, Kinjite Forbidden Subjects), Steven Seagal (Force of Execution), and Chuck Norris (Walker, Texas Ranger).

Trejo has also appeared in some of the biggest thrillers of all-time. He played serial rapist John "Johnny 23" Baca in Con Air, a movie he once described as "the biggest case of testosterone I've ever been in." As he explained to The AV Club, "It was 30 guys all trying to be bad-asses. It was so weird. If you would spit, somebody would spit a little farther." Trejo also appeared in the Michael Mann classic Heat. Originally hired as an "armed robbery consultant" to make the heist scenes look real, Mann eventually cast him as the appropriately named Trejo, a member of Robert De Niro's criminal crew.

He also played in xXx with Vin Diesel and Six Days Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, not to mention movies like Anaconda, Animal Factory, The Devil's Rejects, and Rob Zombie's Halloween. Plus, if you've ever turned on a TV, you've no doubt seen Trejo in shows like The X-Files, Baywatch, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad…and The Young and the Restless. Really, it's not that surprising that Trejo would show up in a soap opera given his crazy career. In addition to action flicks, he's done kid movies (Muppets Most Wanted), comedies (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy), and once he even starred in an indie drama (Sherrybaby).

Of course, to talk about Trejo's movies, you've got to mention his relationship with one particular director—the filmmaker who helped cement Trejo as one of the baddest dudes in Hollywood today.

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