George Foreman Just Challenged Steven Seagal To A No-Holds-Barred Fight


On Monday, the 68-year-old boxing legend used Twitter to challenge the 65-year-old action-movie star to a 10-round fight in Las Vegas.

“One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever,” Foreman tweeted.

It’s not currently clear what prompted Foreman to lay down the gauntlet to the “Under Siege” star. It may have something to do with Seagal’s recent comments on National Football League players who protest by taking a knee during the national anthem, however.

Seagal, a Michigan-born actor who became a Russian citizen in 2016, last week called the pregame protests “outrageous,” “a joke” and “disgusting.”

Seagal has yet to comment on the proposal, but Foreman’s offer has certainly captured the imagination of people on Twitter:

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