Epic Fails

An epic fail reported today for a dog left to guard his owner’s house in Ohio USA. The dog allowed the burglar to enter the house, make himself at home, have a nice cup of coffee and a fag, and then enjoyed a snack with the intruder as well. The report does not say whether or not he helped the burglar out with the DVD player games console and prescription drugs that he nicked.

Another epic fail, this time in China, where disgruntled pensioner Wang Shichao has had a long running dispute with bus drivers on his route. For some reason the drivers had been continuously failing to let him off at his bus stop. One driver in particular it seems had been guilty of over shooting the mark with Wang who decided the only thing to do was to blow himself and the bus up. He armed himself with an ancient grenade that he had had in his cellar for donkey’s years and boarded the bus. Luckily however the explosive fell out and the grenade fell to the floor followed swiftly by Wang who was tackled to the ground by the other passengers. Seventy seven year old Wang was unrepentant in court and said that he had warned the bus driver that he would get his revenge. Oh well, that’s all right then.

The last epic fail of the day was teenager Marcus who was on a night out in his hometown of Oxford celebrating with a friend who was about to go travelling. As the night wound up Marcus, in his tipsy state, sent a text to a friend asking “Are you in town?” When Marcus finally got home and into bed he drunkenly looked at his phone and thought the text had been sent to him, so he promptly replied to himself: “Nah mate I’m home now.” 11,000 retweets and 15,000 favourites later and Marcus has become Internet famous! It doesn’t take much does it?

Catchup tomorrow!

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