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Domino’s regrets telling customers they’ll get 100 years of pizza if they tattoo themselves

Domino’s regrets telling customers they’ll get 100 years of pizza if they tattoo themselves

Domino’s Pizza have done a U-turn on a promotion that promised free pizzas for life to anyone who got a tattoo of their logo.

The Russian branch of the fast food company promised those that got the inkings 100 free pizzas for the next 100 years.

But it would appear the brand were not expecting so many people to take part, as they quickly had to change their promotion to the ‘first 350 people’ within days of it going live.

The company had to quickly limit their offer after so many people got tattoos (Picture: Getty Images)

And with many Russians desperate for their chance to have 10,000 free pizzas, the quota filled up at a rapid speed.

‘Friends, we already have 350 participants!’ Domino’s Russia urgently wrote on Facebook on September 10.

‘We are not receiving any new tattoos!

‘If you are at a tattoo artist’s and getting tattoos, we will include you in the list of participants. But we are waiting for pictures before 12:00 today.

‘For those [getting tattoos] later, we recommend cancelling the appointment, because unfortunately we will not be able to include you.’

The ‘Domino’s forever’ campaign had originally been due for two months, from August 31 until October 31.

But while the promotion has now been officially closed, it would appear that some Russians have not quite got the memo.

While another picture posted yesterday depicting the logo embedded in a heart-shaped pizza has also been met with silence.The latest image shared on Instagram was just four hours ago and is yet to warrant a reply from the company.

Domino’s were also late to clarify the specifications of the tattoo, telling customers it must be at least 2cm in length and could be coloured or in black and white.

They released an image demonstrating the ‘visible parts of the body’ where the tattoo must be placed, ruling out anywhere below the neck to the knees – bad luck for one person who went for the chest.

But many of the successful applicants are already beginning to claim their prizes, proving that the Domino’s has been delivering on its promise so far.

Instagram user Ekaterina Lunina was told by Domino’s Russia that she was the first girl to get the tattoo, opting for a small coloured logo just beneath her knee and posting it on September 1.

One couple, who got their tattoos on their ankle and calf, showed off the certificates they received.She has since shared two images of two Domnio’s pizzas on her account, captioning the first one with ’99 to go’.

The pair, who claim they were in the first ten people to get tattoos, were invited to the Domino’s offices and given 100 codes to use throughout the year.

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