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Dating Gurus Agree These Signs Can Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You

Dating Gurus Agree These Signs Can Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You
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Love is complicated and dating can be a complete nightmare. Let’s just say you’re out having an amazing time with this beautiful woman, who seems to be having a great time as well. You walk her to her door and ask if you could see her again. To your surprise, she says she’ll text you about it. Days have passed no texts or calls, now you begin to think maybe she’s not that into even though you were so sure she was.

You start to replay the whole date in your head, maybe you said something to offend her, or should have held her hand? But, you were a complete gentleman, even held the door for her and held out her chair. The sting of rejection can be painful and can lower your self-confidence but don’t be so hard on yourself it happens to the best of us.

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You can guarantee if the girl you like is going to like you, that’s what first dates are about to see if there is an actual connection there between you too. And even though you might feel the spark it’s not necessary that she should feel it too. Let’s face it, it probably wouldn’t have worked out in the long run if she said yes to the second date and breaks things off in one month.

So now you’re wondering if all women are like that and if all dates are going to end up like this then what’s the point of even trying. The truth is not all dates are going to have a success rate but that doesn’t mean you should give up on finding love. You know what they say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Lucky for you women aren’t as complicated as they seem and I’m here to guide you on how you can look for signs that show you if she’s interested in you or not. Think of me as your official, unofficial fairy godmother.

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When a woman Is truly interested in a man, she tries to make a deeper connection with him. She wants to know everything about him, about his childhood, his goals, his dreams, and what is he passionate about? She will make, an effort to remember you’ve told her, even the minor details. You can expect her to be very warm and understanding when it comes to more touchy subjects like past relationships, trauma, just about anything you wouldn’t tell any other girl. Don’t be surprised if you find her sharing some of her juicy secrets about herself. This is definitely a good as it’s important for you two to be connected on a deeper level than just physical attraction.

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If you can make a woman laugh and smile then you are in! So she’s laughing at all your jokes, even the really corny ones and is listening to your stories about your wild night out with your friends in the summer of ’04, and doesn’t look bored at all! This means she’s totally interested in you and your laugh. When a woman is crushing on a guy she will laugh at his silly jokes, asks relevant questions when he’s making conversation and is fully present in the moment. You won’t find her fidgeting with her phone or making awkward conversation. The communication flow will be smooth and you two will definitely feel a good vibe going on.

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If you want to know if your date is attracted to you, check her body language. Women tend to speak through their body. If they are interested in you, they will lean into you during conversations, touch your arm and remove any object that might between you two like a phone, purse or wine bottle. This is a signal to show you she wants to be closer to you. This would be a perfect time to hold her hand to show her the feelings are mutual.

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Women aren’t afraid to make eye contact when conversating. This is their way of showing you that she is completely focused on you and could care less about what is going on around her. Scientists claim, that when a woman is in love her pupils will dilate by 45%! It’s in the eyes my friend, so don’t be afraid to lock eyes but not for too long, you don’t want to start a staring contest.

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if you’re trying to look for a sign that your date might be interested, here’s a little trick. Try putting resting your face on your palm and see if does the same. This is called mimicking. Now you might ask why is this important? Well, you see naturally tend to mimic the person we admire without even noticing. The same can be said if you catch her using your lingo or slang words. These are definitely something you should pay attention to.

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You might think it’s really cute when your date twirls her luscious locks around her finger, but this is actually a universal sign saying she is interested in you. This is also considered a flirting tactic so go ahead and flirt back yourself.

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If your crush starts to blush after you’ve complimented her, it means more than her just being flattered. When a woman is blushing, it can be either from attraction towards you or by embarrassment. This feeling of attraction can make body temperature rise or even stressed from being nervous around you because she likes you so much. Ever heard of butterflies in your stomach? Now if she’s blushing because you asked her something embarrassing, then that’s a whole other story. Blushing is a natural way of telling you that she adores you and it’s quite cute as well.

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Now, this is something both men and women can relate to. You see when we’re around someone we find attractive we tend to change the tone of voice in which we normally talk in. It’s more low and sexier than usual. Now you might think, oh I’ve never done that, but chances are you already have! This is because it happens automatically without us even paying attention.

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Ah jealousy, the easiest of all signs. You’re out with your date and suddenly you run into an old friend, and she hugs you right in front of your crush. Now all of sudden your date seems to have upped her game is acting a little possessive of you, this is because she’s jealous and seeing you with another woman has made her insecure. Lucky for you, now you know that she is interested in you. Although you might like this extra attention you’re getting from your lady, make sure you don’t make a habit out of it. Woman need to feel secure in their relationship and if you want to move ahead and commit to a life with her rather than making her jealous every chance you get is a major red-flag. We all want our men to be adored but we only want them to adore us. Eyes on the prize Chico, eyes on the prize.

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Now we all know that we should wait three days before calling and texting our crushes after the first day, to avoid looking desperate. But the truth is when a woman likes you she won’t wait around to contact you. Those love games can be fun for some but others might see it as a waste of time. So if you find her texting and calling, you should take the initiative to text her and call her back too and that to on time! Don’t wait for hours, this sends mixed signals. Texting can be a great way to flirt without actually being in front of each other. Send emojis, selfies, and cute little videos throughout the day to get closer to each other.

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This might be confusing for some guys. But women generally don’t nag men they don’t care about over little things. If you find your crush is going insane because she got mad at you for not calling her last night or you went out clubbing with your boys without telling her, it doesn’t mean she’s losing her marbles. It simply means she wants you to be more involved in your life. She wants you to make an effort to show her you want to be with her. Small things like telling her about your day, plans for the weekend makes her feel secure and more connected to you. It shows her that she doesn’t have to worry about where you’re going to be and who you’re with, because you’ll keep her informed. A good line of communication is important in any relationship.

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So, seem to spend all your time with your crush and she invites you to hang out with her closest friends, this is a great sign! Chances are she has already gushed about you to her friends and they are eager to meet you to see if you’re a good match for their girl. Take this chance to impress her friends because as soon as you get a stamp of approval from them, she won’t hold back on going ahead with your relationship.

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When a girl likes a guy, she turns into the best CIA agent you will ever meet. That means everything you post online will be thoroughly examined to see who is In the picture, who is commenting, when and where the picture is taken. You should know that a lot of women have trust issues from being hurt in the past and they will try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So. if you want to keep your girl around make sure you’re not sliding into anyone else’s DMs. She needs to make sure she can trust you and that you are serious about her otherwise don’t bother wasting her time.

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If you notice your crush has taken a sudden interest in listening to the same bands you listen too or you notice she’s wearing your favorite hockey team’s jersey, it’s her way of showing you that she likes you and is willing to make an effort to like the things you like, so that you two can have a stronger bond. That being said, you must also make an effort to give some of the things she likes a shot. Who knows you might even like some of the things she’s into.

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A woman who is truly interested in you will want to spend time with you. If your crush is always hitting you up to go to the movies or go on a hike, it means she wants to be around you. Spending some quality time alone will allow you two to get to know each other without the pressure of your friends being around. This is your chance to open up to one another and build a trust. But don’t always depend on her to be inviting you everywhere. Take charge and surprise her with a spontaneous road trip or get tickets to go to a concert. Whatever it is just remember, ladies love a spontaneous man.

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