Friday, 06 December 2019

Baby flamingos left alone by their party-loving parents


The drought in South Africa left severe consequences for the country and its inhabitants, and also made a huge and devastating impact on animal species. Water reservoirs went dry, and many animals have died or permanently deserted their previous residences. The drought caused panic among the citizens, and in order to avert the process of total water resources exhaustion, the government proclaimed day zero – the day with no tap water in larger cities, and called for rational water spending by all means.

Some scholars suggest the prolonged drought period is connected to climate changes and global warming but Americans interpret things quite differently. The Association of Miami beach rangers issued a statement in which they warn the global population about false and malicious accusation directed towards big oil companies and fossil fuel usage. Rangers imply that the real reason behind the abandonment of the baby flamingos by their parents isn't the drought or any other occurrence of the kind that could be linked to the global climate problems. They mention how the number of flamingos arriving in Miami on so-called spring break parties has dramatically increased over the last few years, and that they have personally witnessed the amoral and loose behaviour of grown-up flamingos during these parties. There's even a movie based on their gruesome activities, and no wonder they're not able to take care of their own younglings, rangers point out. 

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