Animals Apps and Mummified Monks


Its Friday and that’s good news for office slaves. But for some Aussie desk jockeys there has been some recent good news for any of them who have ever sat at their desk and thought 'if only I had a kitten right now' Well the taxi app Uber that has been shaking up the taxi business worldwide has now turned their attention to the desk bound in Australia and is about to make their dream of kitten cuddling a reality. Really?

Uber are offering a new service delivering a kitten straight to the office to give fifteen minutes cuddling time. As with our entire lives these days, it is simply a matter of downloading the app, selecting your kitten of choice and then clearing a space between the annual report, and your expense claims, and waiting for your kitten to taxi up to your desk - all for $40. The idea, when it was tried in the USA (where else) saw a large proportions of the desk hopping kittens who are from animal shelters, finding new homes.

In other news a 200-year-old mummified monk found recently in Mongolia sitting in the lotus position has been declared "not dead" but is in "very deep meditation." Academics are now forensically examining the mummy-monk that was found preserved in cowhide. Despite the mummified monk looking for all the world as dead as the proverbial dodo, experts insist the human relic is not deceased but is actually in a rare and very special spiritual state known as 'tukdam' just one stage away from becoming a real-life Buddha.

Catchup news believes that similar tests are expected to start soon in some individuals currently in a ‘meditative state’ on the benches of the House of Lords. Catchup next week!

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