Monday, 24 February 2020

Andy Murray Defends Fiancee Kim’s Outburst:

Andy Murray Defends Fiancee Kim’s Outburst:

Kim Sears was caught on camera apparently swearing as tensions boiled over during an-ill-tempered match in Melbourne.

Breaking the age-old tradition of stoic, passive and basically ‘am-I-bovvered’ spectatorship associated with spouses of sports star, Sears did the unthinkable by displaying what seems to look like passion at the recent Australian Open game.

Reporters and twitter-regulars alike were appalled to see that Sears, not only removed her sunglasses to observe the game but mouthed something to herself. How dare she deviate from the usual expressionless observation we have come to expect of all audience members related to one of the players.

This kind of visible compassion is not permitted by twitter-regulars who expressed their opinions loudly and anonymously online:

“Cheek of that mad b****h. Who does she think she is? Totally uncalled for. This could have ended in disaster. Imagine if my kids were watching the game? Imagine if they could lip read. Disgraceful. If she does anything like this again, she will pay!”

Kim Sears might think again before expressing herself publically from a packed auditorium of people, as she may have to deal with the wrath of anonymous internet trolls from a distance the next time.

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