Monday, 24 February 2020

Insane Wedding Photos That The Photographer Wasn’t Expecting Facebook

Insane Wedding Photos That The Photographer Wasn’t Expecting

As a photographer, you expect to see some strange things from time to time. It just comes with the territory. But weddings are supposed to be the perfect, choreographed days of the couple's dreams. Lucky for us, nothing ever goes exactly to plan! Here are 60 of the most absurd, inappropriate and downright embarrassing wedding photos you've ever seen, and will probably wish you never did!

 1. Looking good ladies, looking good

 2. They know how to have fun. Granny panties and all

 3. Nice buns

 4. Hey, don't judge. We've all had one of those days

 5. Ah, the look of love

 6. Something clearly went terribly wrong here

 7. Where's Waldo?

 8. He really wanted to go for a swim

 9. Oops!

10. Honey? Is that you? 

11. Everyone needs at least one friend who can party as hard as these bridesmaids 

 12. Maybe she ran out of fabric?

 13. Are they just checking out the view or is something else going on?

 14. Aww, where is his other half?

 15. These ladies are having WAY too much fun

 16. Very graceful photobomb

17. I guess marriage really isn't for everyone 

 18. Yes! He finally got to the next level

 19. He's just marking his territory

 20. This man looks very upset about this dove release situation

21. Flying Birds: A budgeted version 

 22. Hey, buddy, watch where you point that thing

23. Looks like the bridesmaid's dress stereotype is alive and well 

24. Apparently, planking is still a thing 

25. Not sure what kind of wedding this is supposed to be

 26. I don't think anyone really knows what is going on here

27. Nice cake 

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