50 Cent to stand trial on sex-tape charge despite having filed for bankruptcy

50 Cent to stand trial on sex-tape charge despite having filed for bankruptcy

Catchup News learns today that a federal judge has ruled that rapper 50 Cent will have to stand trial on charges of leaking a sex tape after the rapper filed bankruptcy for his boxing promotion company in a not so subtle attempt to dodge the case. According to the New York Daily News, 

Judge Katherine Failla split the two cases at the request of Lastonia Leviston, who accuses the rapper of invading her privacy and humiliating her by posting her sex tape on the internet. 50 Cent has denied these charges. This looks like a pretty open and shut case then. How many people follow 50 Cent on social media? And how many people have seen the video? Case closed, have a good luck everybody. Leviston claims that the online presence of the video – which shows her having sex with a boyfriend and has more than 4million views – caused deep depression and made her suicidal. She also states that 50 Cent posted the video because he knew that she previously had a baby with rapper Rick Ross, with whom 50 Cent has had a long-time feud. It’s all gone very Eastenders, hasn’t it? And of course 50 Cent claims Rick Ross posted the video. Jury selection was set to begin on Tuesday, but was delayed when 50 Cent unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy for his company SMS Promotions. Since that company is not involved in the case, Judge Failla opted to proceed. But before you go feeling sorry for 50 Cent - he made $100 million from selling his stake in Vitamin Water and reportedly has a fortune of $500million. Money can’t buy you decency though, apparently. More from Catchup News next.

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