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24 Teachers Caught Off Guard

24 Teachers Caught Off Guard

These days, the classroom is a very different place. It's not just the students learning, but every day, the teachers learn something new too. Teachers have to be on their toes all the time with these kids because they're getting craftier every day. Here are some of the most outrageous classroom moments that completely caught teachers off guard!

Singing Sensation

Sometimes, the only way to get an audience (or in this case, a class) to listen to you, is to sing it out. This teacher either has dreams of becoming a famous singer, or she lost a very embarrassing bet. Either way, this class is about to hear her belt out the lesson plan in C minor.

Too Many Curves

This teacher fell into a sticky situation when she decided to wear a solid colored, tight dress to school. While she has a gorgeously curvy body, some of the parents and faculty became concerned about her outfit being too revealing and inappropriate. This actually turned into a huge media scandal, with people arguing on both sides. One thing’s for sure, the boys in the classroom probably weren’t arguing about anything.

Learning The Body

Okay so this is a very…unique method of teaching human anatomy. This teacher made a very bold choice in her anatomically correct internal organ workout suit. We’re willing to bet that at least half the class (the boy half) has never paid such good attention to their lessons in their entire lives. You can see the boys in the front row looking slightly uncomfortable, and slightly in disbelief of what their teacher is actually doing for their lesson.

Odd Way To Sit

To each their own, but we are pretty sure that this is not the right way to use your desk or to sit in a chair at school. This girl probably thought no one was noticing her odd choice of seating, but she was unaware of the classmate behind her documenting everything. The biggest question we have in all this: where on earth was the teacher to teach these poor students how to use a school desk?

Mid Day Math Nap

Math is hard. We all know it, though some of us are better at it than others. This girl must have either been out partying all night and didn’t sleep, or she’s just thoroughly bored by mathematics (which would be understandable). At least we’ve got this hero who took a picture of her perfect use of the entire desk’s surface, so we can admire her genius…or at least her extreme tiredness. Maybe we’ll try this next time, we’re sure no one will notice.

Oh No You Didn't

You know that moment when your student just pushes you way too far? Well, this student in the front was making a lot of noise and causing a huge distraction for the rest of the students. It seems that this teacher has hit her absolute limit and is about to explode. She’s got that “if you say one more thing…” face, and even though she is trying to contain her composer, it’ll only be seconds until she breaks.

Looking For Love

These are two teachers who work at the school together. But one of the teachers (hint hint, it’s the guy) is trying desperately hard to get the attention of his female colleague. Of course, she is very obviously not having any of his advances, and quite frankly, looks kind of bored. Luckily this student caught on to what was happening, and documented it on Snapchat for the whole world to see and either laugh or sympathize with this guy.

Taking Over The Desk

This teacher has a very unique way of helping her students with their lessons. She wants to make sure that all of her students get the personal attention that they need in class. The funny thing is, the students (particularly the boy students) keep on calling her over to help them. Of course, she’s eager to lend a helping hand, and continues to come over and use whatever desk is available to sit on. Luckily, someone had a camera out at the right time.

Y'all's Test Scores Had Me Dead

Let’s be honest, being a teacher isn’t easy. You’re tired all the time, you’re stressed, and then you have to deal with failing students and struggling test scores. In fact, this teacher was so done with his failing class that he had to prove a point – that y’all test scores had me dead. Can we just admire his commitment for a second?

Teaching Fuel

Unfortunately, it’s frowned upon for teachers to down a whole bottle of alcohol while they’re teaching. Apparently, you can’t drown yourself in coffee either – so trying to find fuel to keep a teacher going is pretty darn difficult. Luckily, one teacher has managed to find the perfect drink to get them through the day and allow them to deal with their students in a calm and collected manner. Nope, it’s students’ tears. We don’t know whether this is downright weird or genius.

A Teacher's Office Hours

As well as their full schedule and teaching hours, many teachers also have to offer their student’s office hours (eugh). This means the kids can go and offload their worries and their stresses, or ask questions about a recent exam or essay. Although this benefits the students, the teachers don’t get much out of it – so why do they have to do it? Well, this teacher decided enough was enough and got somebody else to stand in for him.

No Bieber Here

This physics teacher wasn’t the biggest Justin Bieber fan. In a physics quiz, this teacher asked his students to find the velocity of Justin Bieber- post falling-off cliff. She found a fun way to catch her student’s attention- whether you love him or hate him this is funny!

Walkens Not Accepted

Although teachers may seem pretty boring, some of them do still have a sense of humor – and considering how much they get paid (hint: not a lot) we have to give them credit for that. These guys work all hours of the day and spend numerous office hours pretending to give a shiznit about your life (it’s a tough job, y’know). However, they draw the line when people just saunter into their office without making an appointment. Because Walkens are not accepted.

Your Teacher, The Hulk

If you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll know that they’ll be AT LEAST one student each lesson who will ask a stupid question. Sometimes there might even be two questions. However, there’s only so much a teacher can take before he turns into the hulk, rips off his shirt and answers their stupid question without saying a word. Instead, he’s letting his T-Shirt do the talking. Because it’s in the syllabus, y’all. Read a book for once.

Now You Can't Cheat

This teacher thought of a cool way to make sure his students couldn’t cheat. He outsmarted his students and prevented them from googling the answers by using the chalkboard to write all his students names with enough space for each students cell phone. They could only take it after the test was over.

What Grade Do You Want?

Most of us dream of a world where we can grade our own papers and give ourselves and A++++++ for all of our hard work (okay, we just copied it from Wikipedia, but still). However, that’s not really the way the world of education works – or is it? The teacher of this school is just about to retire, and so done with her student’s inability to write like a normal human being. So, she’s just given up. Fair enough.

Camo Behind

Okay, so obviously this girl was trying to hide her behind away, hence the camouflage. But she’s obviously not doing a very good job of it, as one of her classmates noticed pretty quickly. It’s especially noticeable when she had to reach the very top of the board to erase the whole thing.

Bye, Class

Wannabe teachers often dream about their movie moment in the classroom – like when Coach Carter magically transformed a bunch of failing basketball players, or when John Keating won over the students and parents with his unorthodox teaching methods. In reality, this doesn’t happen. Students fail their tests, they don’t care, and some don’t even try. This teacher couldn’t deal with the lack of potential in his class that he just upped and left. But he didn’t use the door – he used the window.

Good Sense Of Humor

Getting extra points for the teacher understanding your sarcasm must be a great feeling. This student was graded an extra 4 points for ‘questioning the man’. Apparently leaving notes for your teacher on your paper can increase the grade- honestly, this is something worth trying.

The Substitute Treecher

It’s no secret that all rules and regulations go out of the window as soon as a substitute teacher walks into the room. Students take it upon themselves to make the substitute’s life as difficult as possible – that’s just the way it is. When the teacher of this classroom became so fed up with his students, he invited a new kind of substitute into their room. The substitute treecher. We bet these students couldn’t be-leaf this when they saw it…

Late Assignments

There are some teachers who will do anything to help their students reach their full potential – but there’s only so much you can do. After all, you can only hope those who help themselves (look at us, we should become a teacher!) This teacher became so fed up with marking assignments that had been handed in after the deadline, that he made a tough decision (okay, it wasn’t really that tough). Any late assignments would be thrown straight in the trash.

Goodbye Teddy Bear

In this sad illustration, this student attempts to bribe his teacher with a cute cartoon. But it backfired when it turned out his teacher could draw too and is funny! The teacher definitely wasn’t afraid of the Teddy death threat and illustrated a dead teddy with a ‘C’ grade written next to it.

Giving Up

While we were at school, it’s fair to say that we gave up with our studies. Yep, who needs grades, ey? (Just kidding, go to school, kids) But it’s not just the students who give up. Although teachers try their best to educate the youngsters and push them in the direction of success, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, you just need to tell them the answer, rather than waiting for them to answer it wrong. That way, everyone wins.

When You Wish Upon A Star

One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is imparting wisdom onto the young minds of today’s generation, and filling them with hope about the future – but it seems this teacher didn’t get that memo. Instead of telling his students to wish upon a star and wait for it to come true (like any normal, hopefully, adult), this teacher decided to teach a little bit of physics and crush everyone’s dreams at the same time.

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