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19 Problems That Can Be Solved With Nothing But Hair Conditioner

Let’s face it: we want our hair to be silky smooth all the time. That’s why most of us have a bottle of conditioner in the shower. After all, the handy haircare product helps keep our locks looking super-clean so we can leave for work with confidence every morning.

But you probably didn’t know that conditioner isn’t only for bathroom use anymore. In fact, this multipurpose substance does a heck of a lot more than just make your hair shimmer!

Here are 19 creative ways to use conditioner outside of the confines of the your shower…

1. Clean salt stains off of clothing: As much fun as playing in the snow is, too often we all get those unsightly salt stains on our shoes. Working a little bit of conditioner into the fabric of the shoes before you even go outside will alleviate this problem.

2. Clean hand-wash only items: Some items of clothing are too delicate for washers and dryers. So, what do you do? Well, scrubbing them with room temperature water and a little bit of conditioner is the perfect solution!


3. Remove stuck rings: Wedding rings and other jewelry are frequently kept on for long periods of time, which can make them incredibly painful to remove after a while. If you squirt a bit of conditioner onto your finger and twist the ring back and forth, it should slide off seamlessly.

4. Remove makeup: Most people who wear makeup often have specific makeup removal products to make the job easy. But what if you find that you’ve run out? A little bit of hair conditioner and a washcloth will efficiently remove all of your product!


5. Clean makeup brushes: When you’re trying to rush out the door for work in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is clumps of old makeup stuck in your brush bristles. Hair conditioner will take those remnants right out!

6. Fix squeaky hinges: Whether your home is old or new, chances are there’s at least one door that creaks when you open it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cupboard cabinet or your front door; treating the hinges with a bit of conditioner can fix it just like WD-40. Plus, it smells way better!

7. Tending to your cuticles: It’s important to keep your fingernails healthy, and that often means tending to cuticles that start to overgrow. If you use conditioner as a moisturizer before you push them back in, it’ll be a lot less painful.


8. Replace razor gel: No one likes dealing with long prickly hair on their body. That’s why shaving is so important. If you suddenly realize you don’t have any shaving gel left, don’t worry! Conditioner is a suitable replacement.

9. Alleviate static hair: If you have long hair, then you probably know all about the woes of static electricity ruining your morning hairdo. Rubbing a drop of conditioner between your hands and working it into your hair will weigh down all those flyaways almost immediately.


10. Remove tangles from your hair: Matted tangled hair isn’t just unhealthy, it’s embarrassing! If your hair is starting to look like a bird’s nest, mix a tiny dab of conditioner with water in an empty spray bottle and douse your locks in it while gently running a comb through.

11. Freshen up the scent of any room: Using the same water and conditioner mix as before, spray curtains, furniture, or any other type of fabric you want, and it will leave every item in your house smelling clean and fresh.

12. Clean clogged drains: If you have hair conditioner handy, don’t waste money on products like Drano to fix your clogged sinks. Hair conditioner acts as a lubricant in drains, and squeezing a bit down them should remove buildup.


13. Keep your laundry smelling fresh: If you find yourself reaching for the box of dryer sheets only to realize it’s empty, don’t worry about going out and buying more. If you squeeze a tiny drop of conditioner directly into your dryer, it will have the same effect.

14. Protect your tools from rust: It’s always great when you open up a new shiny box of tools, but eventually, they all start to rust and you need to shell out more money for another set. If you polish the metal with conditioner, you can keep them glistening for much longer.

15. Keep your skin healthy: Bath oils are a great way to supply your skin with essential vitamins and minerals so it stays looking healthy. However, if you don’t own any, adding a drop of conditioner into your bathwater works just as well.

16. Polish metal surfaces: Keeping kitchen appliances looking shiny can be difficult, especially if you do a lot of cooking. Food remnants have a habit of finding their way onto every kitchen surface. Hair conditioner makes for a great polish; just make sure you go over everything with a dry towel afterwards.

17. Remove Band-Aids painlessly: Getting a cut is never enjoyable, but sometimes removing the protective bandage is even more painful than the cut! Placing a little conditioner around the edges of the adhesive strip will help it come off painlessly.


18. Fix stuck zippers: When a zipper snags a piece of clothing, it can seem like it’s nearly impossible to undo without tearing the fabric. A bit of conditioner will help the free the clothing from the dreaded grasp of the metal teeth.

19. Fix laundry shrinkage: If you pull a piece of laundry out of the dryer and it’s looking particularly tiny, place the item in a bucket of water with a tablespoon of conditioner. Once it’s soaked, you can gently stretch it back out. Unfortunately, depending on the severity of the shrinkage, this trick isn’t a cure-all. Still, it should help limit the damage! 

You’ll probably never look at a basic bottle of hair conditioner the same ever again! Try these out at home as soon as you can!

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