17 Times the Internet Totally Summed Up Millennial Dating

17 Times the Internet Totally Summed Up Millennial Dating

Dating in 2017 is really hard—but luckily, we’re all in it togehter. Here’s some proof that it’s not just you. At the end of the day, all of us millennials are just looking for someone to call our own—and tag in tons of memes…



1. Our ultimate romantic gesture


2. Our crippling social anxiety


3. And our love for self-deprecating political humor


4. Our most scared dating rule


5. Our not so subtle sexting attempts


6. Our thought process always


7. This all-too accurate reaction


8. Our inability to commit… Even to staying single


9. And this extremely common exchange


10. Our new (and super questionable) embrace of this pet name


11. The truest expression of our unique brand of love


12. Really, the only thing any of us want


13. Our vicious resistance (and blind persistence)


14. Our “no games” attitude


15. And the games that we sometimes have to play


16. Because, damn, did I mention the persistence


17. Finally, our reminder that none of it is even remotely new


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