14 Secret Suggestive Scenes You Definitely Missed in the Boss Baby

A very fascinating yet sensational animated-movie of 2017, is creating hype recently due to its spellbinding story about a baby who is born as a leader and his unique relationship with his elder brother.

Being a DreamWorks Animation’s production, nothing less is expected from this movie, and indeed, it is making waves from the past few months. A comedy movie which comprehends a mesmerizing story related to the thrilling adventures of the Boss Baby accompanied by his brother, Tim.

The movie has been watched by people, and they have enjoyed it, too. However, another interesting thing about this movie is the hidden secrets which aren’t noticed by many people out there!

So, let’s end this mystery by discovering those incredible secrets that have been seen in the movie, called THE BOSS BABY! *Drum rolls*

1: Inspiring Gandalf the Grey

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\1.gifGifsoup Via Giphy

A very engaging yet exciting movie character called Tim, who is the elder brother of the Boss Baby, is a very enthusiastic and pleasing child. He has a creative mind and pleasurable personality which makes him very lovable, wherever he goes. He is an easy-going and friendly child. On the other hand, it is highly believed that the kid is usually encouraged to act like a good boy because he is influenced by the movies that he watches regularly. From amongst many, one may seemingly be The Lord of The Rings. It is further proved by the wizard clock that is situated in his room which is extremely like Gandalf the Grey. Additionally, it has been seen in the movie that a few dialogues are the same as in Gandalf and the Fellowship of Ring. Gandalf’s notable dialogues from the movie which was, ‘You shall not pass’ and ‘Follow you fools’ have also been made part of this movie.

2: Tim, the Boss Baby, and Indiana Jones

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\2.gifRebloggy Via Giphy

A stark resemblance has been noticed between the Boss Baby and Raiders of the Lost Ark which is a 1987 movie. It is quite clear that the movie scene where Tim and the Boss Baby change the puppy file is a mocking imitation of the way Indiana Jones supersedes the golden idol from its original place. The scene shows sheer likeness as both of the characters replace something and suddenly in both the scenes, the place where the files or the golden idol is situated, starts moving downwards.

3: Getting trapped by mousetrap

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\3.gifGizmodo Via Giphy

The scene continues, and it is discovered that a trick is played on them which proved to be troublesome for the main characters. However, in the Boss Baby, there was a different trap which was not like the one where Indiana Jones runs from a gigantic boulder that continued to run after him monstrously. In the Boss Baby, they were busted by a mousetrap which is related to the famous board game of 1963 called the mousetrap. In this scenario, both of them are imprisoned by an ingenious device, as they were too involved in the compelling game itself. It is a lot like the game itself.

4: Prefiguring events according to time

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\4.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

An outstanding initial scene of the movie is considered to be very admirable because of the way it is shot. The scene that appears at the beginning of the movie has used the idea of foreshadowing to start with. It is an idea which shows or suggests something or some event in advance. It can also be called the act of prefiguring.

The toy train was part of the beginning scene which indicated the eight signs that the story and its adventures revolve around. The signs given of the future happenings are arranged in the order of time. The Boss Baby is presented by the taxi which is the first hint and the second signal is given by the police car and fire truck. It showed the event when the Boss Baby was vigorously trying to get Tim’s tape into his hold. As the scene goes on, a dog’s face is visible in a building which is used for storing hay and grain. It is called a barn. It signifies that Tim’s Mom and Dad work at Puppy Co for earning a livelihood. Later in that scene, a mouse trap board game is identified, which references to the time when they worked hard to take a particular folder. A beam is also seen in that scene which shows the time when Tim’s parents take a trip to Las Vegas by a plane which is the fifth sign. The sixth hint was a pirate ship. It was when the Boss Baby and Tim were fancying about it. Habitrail was the seventh hint which was where the Boss Baby and Tim were being followed on. The last and the eighth sign was the rocket ship.

5: The Boss Baby is here!

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\5.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

The scene in which Tim was initially presented, the number one was visible in his close-fitting shirt. It signified to a great extent that he is the only and most important child to his parent. As soon as Tim hears the Boss Baby arriving to indulge in playfulness to have fun with him, he runs to his room as he is not interested in that. However, as the Boss Baby starts seeking his parents’ attention and become a part of their routine, Tim speedily runs downstairs, but at that time, the number two was visible on his shirt. It suggested that the Boss Baby was the one who would now be given special attention more than Tim.

6: The golden sunrise of Boss Baby

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\6.gifAhhrclub Via Giphy

Tim did not seem to have a good time with his baby brother the night they met each other for the first time. He woke up in the morning, and while lying on his bed, he wanted to see his face, and as the sun rose, he imagined his face appearing in the rising sun which was vibrant and golden. On the other hand, this scene was also showing the initial scene of the 1997 television series called the Teletubbies.

7: Chatter box is accompanying the Boss Baby.

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\7.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

In this movie, the Boss Baby is taking assistance from the chatter telephone, who originally belongs from the movie Toy Story 3, but is also available for assisting the Boss Baby himself. The Boss Baby uses it to talk to other babies who are like him in every way. The chatter box, however, in the Toy Story assisted Woody, Buzz and their friends get out of the daycare safely, but changed in his role in this movie. Moreover, it was quite a surprise to see a DreamWorks Animation film include a character from a Pixar movie, but at the same time, it was considered pleasurable.

8: The Boss Baby style jump

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\8.gifGizmodo Via Giphy

The Boss Baby in a particular scene made use of his popular leaping tone effect when Tim attempted to run away from him and his mates by rising from trampoline to the second portion. In this scene, the Six-million-dollar man was also notified through the act.

9: No eating in-between the meeting, Jimbo!

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\9.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

A very crucial meeting took place between the Boss Baby and his friends where they talked about the reason behind being sent down. In the middle of the meeting, there were some delicious cookies on the table, which made Jimbo hungry and he tried to fetch one and snack on it. However, the Boss Baby angrily scolded him and asked him to leave the cookie by saying, put that cookie down; cookies are for closers. This scene was also a reference to the movie called Glengarry Glen Ross, in which Alec Baldwin also delivers the similar legendary line acting as a salesman.

10: Ready to play and act!

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\10.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

As the babies were in the middle of the meeting, their parents arrive in the room suddenly to the babies’ astonishment. However, the babies immediately induce to action and indulge in playfulness so that their parents may not know the secret. In the meanwhile, a pleasant song starts playing in the background. It is the beginning song of a show known as Banana splits adventure hour which was a television program that was broadcasted between 1968 and 1970.

11: Eugene is here pals.

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\11.gifMakeagif Via Giphy

The character called Eugene is used to give tribute to the famous figure known as Mary Poppins. She was an amazing nanny who would dive in magically along with her umbrella to take care of and to nurse the ill-mannered and impudent Banks children. Eugene is dressed just like Mary in a scene as he carries an umbrella while flying above the home and land carefully, he flips out an umbrella which shows the sign.

12: After shave is what makes us complete.

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\12.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

In a scene, Tim and Boss Baby are getting themselves ready to leave for Puppy Co, and that is when it is noticed that a reference to the movie, Home Alone has also been made. It is seen that the Boss Baby and Tim get ready by using aftershave and the way they are enjoying their liberty to do things is quite similar to how the kid is home alone did.

13: Dramatizing every moment is what we do!

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\13.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

A scene from The Matrix is also considered to be acknowledged in this movie, as Tim becomes aware of baby corps and is guided about the way in which he can travel there. The same scene happened in the movie Matrix as well. Secondly, the baby boss in a scene presents Tim with a pacifier which further notifies the pill scene of the initial matrix among Morpheus and Neo, where he faces a choice between a blue pill or a red pill. The scene also shows sheer resemblance as the characters in both the scenes are communicating and talking similarly and gazing at the pills with widening eyes and high intensity.

14: Tim’s tape hunt

C:\Users\Zainab Afridi\Downloads\13.9\2067\14.gifDreamworks Animation Via Giphy

A television program of 1975-76 called Squad has also been recognized in the film as the babies start following Tim furiously because all of them want his tape. The hunt for tape begins with Tim, Boss Baby, and his friends as they start running and at that moment a striking yet sensational song plays as they all run hastily. This song was part of the beginning of this television program which to many is worth remembering and cherishing.

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