10 Facts That You Didn’t Know About These Famous Logos

In our everyday life we use to look at different famous logos for a second but we never fully pay attention to their origins or what that logo really means. We would be looking at such top famous brands with logos having some hidden meanings that not everyone knows.

10- Pinterest

It might look simple to people that it is a simple word Pinterest but when we notice closely the first letter P of Pinterest , we see this is shaped as a Pin that is used to pin pictures / anything to the wall and the same thing is done by Pinterest electronically.

9- Nike

Back in 1971 , the owner paid a student 35$ to make the logo which actually was made as the wings of the goddess who personified victory. This winged victory symbol became so much popular and became the logo of Nike.

8- Wikipedia

The world’s famous encyclopedia’s logo is itself a great mystery. The symbols used is Multilingualism , while the logo is shaped into an earth which means it is emblem of Earth and the missing puzzle indicates that encyclopedia isn’t finished yet and is updating continuously.

7-  Pepsi

This logo cost $1 million to Pepsi because the designers were assigned the tasks of making such a logo that could be best possible pleasant for the human eye.

6- Uber

Uber changed its logo from U shaped letters to this atomic shaped thing , which indicates that just like atoms that are present anywhere and everywhere , their cars are also like atoms present anywhere and everywhere to the customers.

5- Starbucks

Inspired by the myth of a woman-fish with two tail fins , this logo was made. Initially this logo was seen with her body in the past but to make it censored later her body was removed.

4- BMW

The blue and white colors used in this BMW logo were used to represent the colors of Bavaria.

3- McDonalds

McDonald’s hired a psychologist and he suggested to replace some things with the curve shaping M which according to him shaped female breasts which subconsciously arouses appetite and reminded people of their childhood.

2- Goldwyn Mayer lion

There were 7 different lions used for the purpose of this logo and those were all trained to roar for the purpose of logo. The picture on the left side , that is being viral is a fake one where this lion was being MRI scanned but people gave this as a hype of being used for this famous logo.

1- Android The graphic designers were given the task to make a logo of android in such a way that it looks like robot. Inspiration of the designers came from the symbols that are used on public washrooms and they transformed that logo into a robotic one.

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