'Near-on impossible' to pick Shed of the Year

Shed enthusiasts have been battling it out, displaying their standout structures for the coveted title of Shed of the Year. Among the thousands of unc...
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Theme park trains crows to pick up its litter

Theme park trains crows to pick up its litter

An historical theme park in France is training six crows to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish in a bid to keep it clean. Nicolas de Villiers, preside...
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Man calls police: 'I'm being chased by a baby squirrel'

A man had to be rescued by police when he was being chased by a baby squirrel. Officers received a call for help and arrived to see the animal still c...
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Why Indian MP dressed as Hitler outside parliament

Naramalli Sivaprasad claims the PM has gone back on a funding promise
Naramalli Sivaprasa
An Indian politician has dressed as Adolf Hitler in a bizarre protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Appearing outside the country's parliament...
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'Drug boss' had weight loss surgery to evade capture

Previous police pictures show the suspect with a fuller face and double chin
The alleged boss of a notorious Mexican drug gang has been arrested despite having hair implants and weight loss surgery to evade capture. "El Betito"...
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G-spot tourism poster condemned for showing woman apparently having sex


The ad describes Lithuania's capital as the "G-Spot of Europe" as "nobody knows where it is, but when you find it it's amazing." By Russell Hope, news reporter Tourism chiefs in Lithuania's capital have been criticised for using a picture of a woman apparently in the throes of sexual ecstasy to publicise the city. Playing on Vilnius' out-of-the-way...
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US drink-drive suspect tells police she's 'clean, white girl'

A US woman arrested after speeding through a stop sign asked police to let her off because she is "a clean, thoroughbred white girl", officers say. The arresting officer, who is white, detailed in his official report how Lauren Cutshaw, 32, appealed to him for special treatment based on her race. When asked why, Ms Cutshaw replied: "You're a cop; y...
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Houston Grandma Shoots Man 'Playing With His Thing' In Front Of Her Home

A man in Houston, Texas, is recovering from surgery after exposing himself in front of a gun-toting grandmother's home. "Granny Jean" is a 68-year-old woman who had to shoot a man trying to enter her home, reports ABC 13 KTRK . On late Tuesday, August 7, Granny Jean said she was taking out the trash when she encountered a man riding a bike up to he...
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Cocaine discovered in 15 bread rolls at airport

Mexican police have found cocaine worth thousands of dollars hidden inside more than a dozen bread rolls during an airport drugs raid. Sniffer dogs he...
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New mother tested for opiates after eating bagel

A newborn baby was kept in hospital for five days after her mother tested positive for opiates, because she had eaten a poppyseed bagel. Elizabeth Ede...
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