When deck sounds like something else


A student teacher was teaching math for the whole day. When she'd reached to the last period her voice was starting to go. With a cracking voice, she explained the assignment of calculating the area of the kite-shaped deck. "How long is your deck? How wide is your deck? What is the area of your deck?" The teacher didn't notice that her voice m...
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A taxi driver was late because he had to go to the toilet


People got nervous because the taxi driver took the time to come and instead of getting closer drove further away from them. What was happening? The driver explained honestly that he had waited the moment to take a shit already for an hour and it took him some time to find a place. He apologised for the customers and the business continued as usual

When vaccinating people is bad, but vaccinating pets is not.


​ The logic of anti-vaccine people is lacking. While they are utterly against human vaccinations in fear of autism, they find it necessary to vaccinate animals. A woman describes how her friend's mum is against vaccinations, but the first thing she asked her was if her animals have had all their shots because she doesn't want her children to get si...
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Bringing a reusable cup to the coffee shop just to see how barista still uses a paper cup


​ Despite the effort of eco-warriors 2,5 million paper cups are used and thrown away every year. To reduce the waste eco-conscious customers come to coffee shops with reusable cups. To their disappointment baristas make the coffee using a paper cup and pour it then in a reusable cup wasting yet another paper cup. Source: Sky News

When the toilet paper is finished in the middle of the class


A 5th-grade teacher remembers how she had a bathroom in her classroom. One day she heard how the bathroom door squeaked open. In there was a male student sitting his pants around his ankles. He'd opened the door to inform the teacher that he had no toilet paper and could the teacher get him some. Source: BuzzFeed

Florida woman shot boyfriend for snoring too loudly


​ Snoring loudly can keep you awake and be incredibly annoying. Kick to ribs can often help the situation. Not this time. Lorie Morin got so annoyed by her snoring partner that she grabbed a gun and shot him. Both of the partners suggested the shooting was accidental, but the investigation showed that the shooting occurred during a domestic vi...
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Thieves kidnapped a shark and wheeled it out in a baby carriage


​I n San Antonio Aquarium in U.S. three people stole 16-inch horn shark and smuggled it out in a baby carriage. The thieves brought their own net to snag the shark from the interactive "Touch pool" while the attendant was assisting other visitors. Police caught the thieves and saved the shark. One of the thieves kept a lot of different marine anima...
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Weird things people say in their sleep.


A man remembers how his ex-wife once said in her sleep:  "We'll see how fucking funny you think it is when you're dead."  His current wife apparently said something even funnier. Once she shouted in her sleep: "I can't poop here! Everyone is watching!" The husband nearly jumped out of his skin. Source: Reddit

43 giant U.S. Presidents heads are rotting on the field of Virginia


The heads were built for a tourist attraction that went belly-up due to lack of visitors. After the closing, the attraction sculptures were moved to Howard Hankin's farm. Moving damaged the sculptures badly. Cranes cracked sculptures necks and smashed holes in their heads. So Abraham Lincoln has a hole in the back of its head now and Ronald Reagan'...
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Why is grooming a dog more expensive than getting a haircut?


Dog groomers hear a lot of complaints about why their service is more costly than hairdressers'. Dog groomers have put together 10 reasons why. Among other reasons they have come up with is the fact that hairdressers don't have to wash your rear end and you're probably not going to poop on the hairdressers' chair. All that belongs to the daily work...
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