​Police can still hear you


These teenagers were pulled over because they looked 14-15. It turned out it was okay, the driver was 18 and had a licence. While checking the document policeman cracked a joke: "It smells like a weed here". The driver laughed and said they didn't smoke. The policemen let them go, and as he was walking away he heard "See, I told you, dumbass, not t...
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She gave birth to teabags


​A baby is a baby, no matter how it looks. In the psych ward, there was a woman who claimed to be pregnant during her stay. She shoved the teabags inside of her and acted out the whole birth. After the birth, she spent a few days screaming at the nurses and techs to give her the baby back.

​He threw his milkshake onto the worker's face


A guy ordered a burger with a milkshake. He got his order. Suddenly he came back to the counter. He was furious because the cheese was placed between patty and vegetables, not between the patty and warm bread where it would melt better. Instead of accepting the workers offer to make a new burger, he opened the lid of his milkshake and tossed i...
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​She wanted to use her library card to get books from the bookshop


A lady came up to the register with a book and handed the bookseller her public library card. The bookseller informed her that they were not a library and she had to pay for the book. She started to argue with her and the bookseller had to walk her outside and point out to the giant sign that read "Booksellers" on it. Source: Reddit

​Sparkling water without sparkles, please


This man didn't want to drink normal water. Instead, he ordered sparkling water without sparkles. He also didn't want to have bottled water. The worker was confused. "How about tap water?" he said. Now the man got angry. "How hard can it be to understand? Are you an idiot?" he yelled. So the worker went to get it. He filled a glass with tap water. ...
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Sometimes it's better not to be helpful


Lady laid down her vegetables and fruit on the belt. The cashier picked up a clamshell of strawberries and opened the top to check the mould before she buys it. She said that there was mould and she'd wait if the lady wanted to grab a different one. The customer was not happy. According to her, all her fruits and vegetables were now dirty beca...
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She got angry because she thought Sunday was Monday


This lady went to her massage appointment on Sunday, instead of Monday. She left many messages to her therapist's answering machine. She went from feeling disappointed, to angry, to calling the therapist a bitch. In the last message, she said that if the therapist doesn't call back before 3PM she calls to police. She actually called the p...
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Anthropology students go to hell


A university student talked with a lady who asked what he was studying. He said anthropology. The lady was curious, so he explained that it was the study of pre-human history and evolution of mankind. She didn't like that he mentioned evolution and asked if he studies the bible. The student explained that the bible is not used in this field of stud...
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He ate the pizza, then demanded to switch it


Some people are plain dumb. This man called to pizza place complaining that his pizza was burnt. The pizza place workers said that they can make him a new one and if he brings his burnt pizza they could switch it out. He comes to the store with only crust of the pizza left, demanding a new pizza. Source: Reddit

She was unhappy because she had to pay less


An angry lady walked into the phone shop. She said her phone bill is different than it has been for the last 6 months. The worker looked at her bill, and she was right. The bill was $7 lower than the last. The worker said: "It's lower, count that as a win." The lady was not satisfied and wanted her bill to be exactly the same as every month. Source...
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