Korean grandmas are back to school

​Rural South Korean schools are now filled with a new type of pupils – diligent and enthusiastic grandmas. The women in their sixties and seventies, who never attended school before, now have the opportunity to widen their knowledge, and gain new skills, Catchupnews reveals. The women usually get before dawn to do homework and practice penmanship, ...
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Twin paradox facts finally revealed

Robert Markowitz/JSC/NASA
​The NASA scientists may have resolved a puzzle involving identical twins and their different ageing process – the one in space should allegedly age slower than the one on Earth. In the case of astronaut Scott Kelly and his brother Mark, Scotts' telomeres were lengthened, and his cells were more youthful in space but began to deteriorate as he came...
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Rare book returned to library after more than 80 years

​A rare book was finally returned to its original place – the Donegal library in Ireland, after more than 80 years of meticulous studying. The book called The White Owl, written by AMP Smithson, was still in perfect condition, just as it was when it was borrowed in 1937, the same year it was printed. The thorough reader had no complaints on the boo...
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Police bans McDonald's milkshake in Edinburgh

​Police banned local McDonald's outlets to serve milkshake or ice-cream during Nigel Farage's campaign rally in Edinburgh, fearing that full cups could be used as missiles against the campaigners. The ban comes after several incidents involving prominent politicians and dairy drinks, most often milkshakes. As Catchupnews was told, soft drinks were ...
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Senior citizen performance quota fulfilled at Eurovision 2019

​As part of a new equality agenda practised during the show, Eurovision 2019 competition showed an enviable dedication towards senior citizens and their rights to work, act, and perform as if they were at their peak age, Catchupnews confirms. Legendary Madonna, for instance, got yet another 15 minutes of fame at the final Eurovision night, for a su...
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Immigrant pet parrots naturalized in 23 US states


​Elaborate research data finally confirmed that 25 parrot species are now naturalized, and freely breeding across the USA. The parrots, initially planned to serve as pets, turned away from their masters and became colonists of American parks and woods, Catchupnews reports. It is still unknown if they intend to politically organize and spread their ...
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Brexit drained Britons but they can always sip Brexit energy drink

​Two Polish guys got a simple yet efficient idea on how to cash in on the ongoing Brexit drama - by launching an energy drink called Brexit. The name Brexit is in honour of politicians, magicians, failed lovers, and constant fablers from both sides of the Channel. It tastes just like them – overly sweetened, bubbly, and alluring, but with long...
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Clearing woods all around globe will cost us dearly

​Humans have been successfully clearing the woods for agriculture and other sports, and the clearing has now reached its peak with 12 million hectares vanishing during the previous year, World Resource Institute acknowledged, and Catchupnews passes on. Woods are a major factor in the preservation of climate and biodiversity, and yet we successfully...
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Austrian Minister attends parliament session but forgets to put on shoes

​Austrian Minister for European Affairs Gernot Blimel just made a bold fashion statement in the Austrian Parliament by wearing no shoes at the regular assembly. The minister wore a neatly crafted dark suit, paired with a matching tie, but amazed the public by sporting turquoise socks, without shoes whatsoever. In Catchupnews' humble opinion, he's a...
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Even modern princesses need magic

Norwegian Princess Martha Louise was obviously sprinkled with magic dust, for she has found love and intends to keep it that way. The princess, fourth in the line of succession to the throne, fell in love with American shaman, a soul-hacker, spiritualist and a healer. The case proves the old axiom that you can only win a princess' heart by magic. H...
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