Flintstone house is subject of lawsuit filed by family's hostile neighbours


The Flintstone home, located in the chic town of Hillsborough in northern California, ignited a flame of hate, disdain, and even a lawsuit filed by the community that claim the house is a real nuisance, and a thorn in the eye of innocent spectators and by-passers, who can't bear the sight of red, curved roof, dinos, and giant mushrooms. However, it...
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Kim Kardashian immersed herself in studying criminal law and plans to restore peace and order in USA and then worldwide


​Judging by her latest posts on Instagram – and what's on Instagram is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Kim Kardashian is very seriously committed to reading, memorizing, delving into, making inquiries, and excelling in criminal law of the United States. Kim also plans to spread the word throughout the world, in order to resto...
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CIA is helping ISIS warriors to resocialize after their terrorist careers have come to end


 As the Syrian crisis is slowly progressing towards the end, some organizations, focused on international affairs and world stability, are trying to cope with the current state. The US welfare agency CIA is allegedly already on the spot, trying to persuade former terrorist to calm down, even offering help, safety, and new documents. About 2,00...
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Whale washed ashore in Philippines had 16 shopping bags in its stomach


​When Philippine authorities and marine biology investigators examined the body of a young Cuvier's beaked whale they found washed ashore, they were astounded – the whale was carrying 16 plastic shopping bags in its stomach. The animal died from gastric shock from plastic pollutants. The question is raised about the circumstances of whale's death –...
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Trump says USA should take money for protecting other countries


American president Donald Trump notified his fellow citizens about his latest plan, the so-called Cost Plus 50, that will set things straight, considering the US foreign policy and relations with its allies. The plan is based on ancient mafia laws on protection of elder, poor, and week for reasonable wages. Trump's advice is to take the ransom mone...
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Insomnia isn't problem - you are, scientists now claim

Following the Insomnia Awareness Day, some bold claims have risen from the scientific circles, denying the whole sleeping-deprivation issues as a modern-day concoction. The scientists who have been studying sleeping through the course of history now say that people in the past frequently skipped their night sleep in order to hunt, pray, take part i...
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Staten island mafia didn’t really bother anyone, neighbours say


The shooting of 'Franky Boy' Cali, the assumed mafia boss of the Gambino family, surprised many of his Staten Island neighbours who claim that the dealings of the mafia are nowadays quiet and decent, and don't really bother anyone at all. Cali is described as a quiet, family man, struggling to keep the family name still in the game, since the Itali...
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Emily Ratajkowski concludes century-long debate over volume of four semi-spherical objects


​American civilian Emily Ratajkowski just ended a century-long debate over counting the correct volume of four semi-spherical objects, and whether the suggested volume is bigger than the volume of two spheres. Emily posted a photo on Instagram that graphically depicts the core of the problem, and made it clear that the solution of the problem can o...
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Marc Jacobs tries to dismiss Nirvana lawsuit over smiley logo


Marc Jacobs, a well-known fashion designer, tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Nirvana band estate over the use of Nirvana's smiley-face logo in his latest Redux Grunge Collection. Jacobs stated that the logo can't be considered as Kurt Cobain's work of art because it's a smiley, and the whole world knows Cobain was a grumpy, depressed, and ...
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Goat named Lincoln just became a mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont


The town of New Haven, Vermont just elected a new mayor, and it's a skilled climber, dressed in a slick cashmere sweater, a vegetarian, and a supporter of the new 'green deal' as well. The new mayor, a goat named Lincoln, will serve its four-year term, following the democratic principles of its famous namesake. Lincoln beat out a dog Sammie and a c...
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