Disappearing act gone wrong
A typical romantic date.
A booby back wiper.
Mind the bull
We've lost our house anyway..
"Men will be men!!"
Help, bitch down...
Guess whose funeral this is?
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WARNING: The following clips may contain GRAPHIC CONTENT some viewers may find distressing

Shocking dance fail
Most shocking birth defects
Perils of texting on the hoof
Touch me again... not bff
Go suck a toad!
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OMG!! How did he do that??
Amazing feats of agility!!!
A boneless dance!!
Amazing Japanese fancy dress.
Magical painting technique.
A talking dog?!
Bruce Lee reborn???
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Don't insult my grammar..
Tea is an evil substance!
Saying 'Hi' doggie-style!!!
Arnold's girlfriend
Should I alert the police?
Wicked man
I need to feel alive!!
What is a fish?
TfL it's Friday
Sugar up daddy's nose....
Grow up, man!!!
Body parts you don't need
What is investment?
I want to be....
Donald Trump mugshot
Always remember one thing...
Today's pets.
Carrot gone rude... eh nude
Fresh Mac cheeseburger!
The difference...
RIP in Advance!
This is something different...
If you like then try...
Taste the rainbow
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Curtains for my PC
Psychic Daughter
A True Irish Ghost Story
There are four kinds of sex
Setting up the boundaries
The drunken sailor
The Shipwrecked Barrel
Worst people to run into?
Never forget your past...
We only removed his cataracts
King Rat
Insulting the Traffic Cop
The countdown to birthday
The DNA Test
Husband Wanted!
How to Get Really Smart
Some smart-ass kids
Round Like a Shot
Blonde on Blonde
Fill in the blank
How is this possible?
A madman and 4X4
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