Stephen King had so big addiction problems that he couldn't even remember writing certain of his novels


​ At his worst, the successful novelist was sober only three hours a day. Alcohol and drugs fuelled his writing. After his first books were made to movies he developed coke addiction. But he never stopped writing. He stuck cotton up his nose to stop the blood from dripping on his typewriter. Source: Detox to Rehab

​She sent a picture of her tits instead of a screenshot

A girl found a funny story on the internet, took a screenshot and wanted to send it to a male friend. Doing it quickly, before the camera roll had updated, she accidentally clicked on a wrong photo. Instead of a screenshot, she sent a photo she'd taken half an hour earlier of her boobs.  Source: Reddit

​Japan gives old people noodles in exchange for their drivers' license


It's difficult to convince older people not to drive anymore. While most of them are still good drivers, some old people mix up the gas and brake pedal or develop dementia that can be dangerous for themselves as well as for others. Japan found a clever solution to the problem. In exchange for drivers license, old people can get the discount card at...
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​Dude, I need your pants!


It was 07:58 when a student noticed that he wore shorts instead of pants. But shorts were not allowed in the lab. He had to clock in before 08:10 to get the best grade. He needed excellent grades to go to med school. He ran towards the dorm. On a way, he stopped a random guy with pants and asked if they could swap clothes. He agreed. Sour...
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Girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend because he flushed the toilet


The couple was telling funny stories about their time in middle school. The boy told how once during the school dance one toilet was full of diarrhoea and toilet paper. He and his friends flushed it. It started overflowing and shitty water started to flow on the floor. One of his teachers started yelling and quit her job after. Girlfriend thought h...
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Father stumbled over son's Reddit profile and knows now all about his kinky sex life


If you think Reddit is parent-free zone, think again. There can be your parents snooping around in the vast wastelands of the internet. This father for example just found out what gets his son going sexually, what  his son's girlfriend likes sexually and that at age 17 the boy had snooped in his bedroom and had come across ...
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I want to be fat like you


This guy was over 272 kg and has lost 107 kg over 14 months. Then he found a girl and got married. All the changes have put weight loss on hold, and he hasn't lost anything in the last 6 months. Today his 6-year- old stepson reminded him to get back to track in his own way. "When I grow up I want to be fat like you!" said the boy. Source: Reddit Ta...
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How the fuck did you lose your baby?


This girl's friend got pregnant. After not hearing from her for a while, she sent her a text asking how is the baby. She didn't get a reply until the next day. She was out partying and already drunk when she got a text back. Her friend had lost her baby. Completely wasted she wrote back: "How the fuck did you lose it?! Where did you leave it last?"...
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How to make money from alcoholics?


An ex-cheerleader joined AA after college. She met there an older guy who got divorced and married the ex-cheerleader. They started drinking again. He died and left everything to the cheerleader. She went back to AA, met another guy. They started to drink. He died and left everything to the ex-cheerleader. Now she's back to AA. She has met a man an...
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Vegetarian picnic is forced to serve meat


Butter and Cheese Festival in Diksmunde, Flanders holds an annual vegetarian picnic. Now the city authorities demand to have meat in the vegetarian picnic. They believe people should have a choice to eat meat. ​  Festival organisers are confused because the festival already serves meat. And the whole idea of vegetarian picnic would l...
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